I Think A Few Goodbyes Are In Order

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Hello, guys! On this site my username is Prussia1525. I've become known to a few of you in that way, and I was more than happy to start speaking with people who share my interests. This forum has been a good place for me to do that.

I got my Duo account back in 2014, when I was trying to pick up some French. I've since moved on to other languages, with breaks in between, with the attention span of a goldfish. It's been fun, actually.

I started posting on the forums a few months ago, with the first one I wrote being about an Icelandic "guide" that I wasn't a fan of. In the months since, I've answered and asked some questions, talked to some fantastic people, and started an imaginary radish business, all on these forums.

This is actually the closest thing to social media I have- and I'm beginning to understand the negative effects of this type of thing. It's not just the community (while we have moments in which we are not welcoming, if you keep your head down, you're fine) but a lot of it is my own fault. I can't but help check the comments on things I post after I post them. I can't keep from sharing my opinions on things. I can't keep from putting in my two cents' worth.

It's become addictive, the same way that Instagram or Snapchat or whatever are. I wonder what people will say about what I've written, and if I said something wrong, and who hates me or likes me or reads what I write.

It's become a mess, and it's distracting rather enhancing my language learning. I need to stop posting and reading on the forums.

I'll take a break, stop posting for now. I have my Duo streak and I have no wish to lose it, but the forums will be a no-go. It's unhealthy, and I've been learning significantly less since I got involved. I'm not really sure how to put one of my odd jokes into this, and that's my signature move, so I'm at a bit of a loss at the moment.

This is such a nice place. Sometimes people aren't encouraging, and sometimes things are misinterpreted, but this is a safe place compared to the internet as a whole. And make no mistake, I was more than happy to be a part of it. But I believe this has been bad for me.

I want to thank the Duo staff, volunteers, moderators, users, and anyone else who contributed to making this a nice place to talk about the new Google Translate update or internet polyglots- I had a lot of fun. You guys made the time I spent on here worth it.

I might be back in a month or two. I might not be. I hope this place stays kind and passionate about their goal, and I hope the little problems that ripple through the forums get resolved and everyone can keep their heads.

I'll say goodbye for now. I was happy to spend time on here. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and comments- it meant everything to me. And thank you, shiny green owl, for giving me this space.

And, hey, as long as that pretty little streak is still up there, I'm alive.

I wish each and every one of you the absolute best in whatever you put your mind to, language studies or otherwise! You've got this.

Goodbye for a little while, Duolingo community. I believe in you. Make me proud. ;)


Reagan Prussia1525

9 minutes ago

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Its sad to see you leave, Smash Bros :((

just now
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