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  5. "Take this, your food."

"Take this, your food."

Translation:यह लो, तुम्हारा खाना।

January 9, 2019



Can you also say यह लो अपना खाना?


Not if you are being pedantic because the clause 'अपना खाना' does not have a predefined subject.

However, you can say 'अपना खाना लो' ('Take your food') because the whole sentence is now in the imperative mood and has the implicit subject तुम.


So here the subject for "take this" is different from the subject in "your food" and that's what it's तुम्हारा?


Essentially. That said, the phrase 'Your food' is not a complete clause by itself (no verb). So, it can't be said to have a subject as such.
We can try to make it complete in two ways which will perhaps make things clearer.
1. यह लो, तुम्हारा खाना है। - 'Take this, it's your food'. Here, the subject of the second clause is तुम्हारा खाना so the question of using अपना does not arise.
2. यह लो, अपना खाना लो। - 'Take this, take your food'. Here, the second clause is in the imperative like the first and has तू /'you' as the implicit subject. The pronoun 'your' is thus referring back to the subject. So, we use अपना.

All said and done though, you are only likely to use a sentence like यह लो, तुम्हारा खाना। in colloquial speech and using अपना instead of तुम्हारा colloquially here is no big deal,


But it's the accusative?


Yes, the accusative case form for the pronoun will also be acceptable here - 'इसे लो, तुम्हारा खाना'. It just adds emphasis.

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