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"E nānā kākou i ke kiʻiʻoniʻoni."

Translation:Let's watch a movie.

January 9, 2019



"Let's all watch the movie" should be good.


Report it or no? Letʻs see a movie.


I would translate "Let's see a movie" as "E nānā kākou i ke kiʻiʻoniʻoni". It should be accepted now.


It's interesting to me how much trying to learn another language makes a person more aware of their own native language (in my case, English). Nānā is to look at, which is what we do when we watch something. I say "see" a movie, but that's not really right now that I think about it. Mahalo.


I vote don't report it. I'm ok with "see" but not with "a". In English we say "Let's see a movie" when we really mean "let's watch a movie". The issue with the "a" for me is a deal breaker though. In Hawaiian, "a movie" would be "i ki'i 'oni'oni" (nonspecific). ke ki'i'oni'oni = the movie (ie a specific movie)


Good grief. Gerald saw "the" but most the rest of us thought "a." Even Duolingo did, and we all got on board. The sentence clearly says "ke." Mahalo for bringing that up.


Report it if you like, but "ike" is to see.


"Let's see a movie" makes sense. Does "E 'ike i ke kiʻiʻoniʻoni"? I'm betting against it. If you "see" something on purpose, that should be "nānā."


Trick question! One of the word tiles was "ali" but it kinda looked like 'all' (at least on my screen) which could have fit into this sentence


so kiʻi, which means image, and ʻoni, which means movement. Not sure why ʻoni is twice though.


Maybe it's a 2 reel movie! LOL

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