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vocabulary lists should indicate gender next to nouns

When I click on the vocabulary list, it lists the noun in German but does not include the gender. You have to click into the meaning in order to find out the gender. Then when you click back to the list, it takes a long time to scroll down to where you left off (I have a list of almost 300 words I am trying to learn). Why not make it easy by showing the gender right in the list, next to the German word so that, with repetition, one learns the word with the article.

April 5, 2013



Thanks for the suggestion. Something we'll definitely consider. I'll let the rest of the team know your feedback.


Concordo. É uma boa ideia.


That would be a good idea. I'm finding the gender now being given in the drop down vocabulary in lessons very helpful but I do practise from my vocab list too and this would be useful.


I agree. In French and Spanish, it's really important to learn the gender with the noun as a unit.


It is very important because some words are different due to the native language. For example the word house is Masculine in Arabic but it is feminine in French la maison


Yes, definitely


Yes, please!!!! I've had to copy and paste my vocabulary into Excel and enter each article myself. Throughout your discussion groups there are many, many requests for this. We do hope you'll consider it seriously. Thank you for all that you do!


I totally agree. Please please please Please show the gender with the word lists. Thank you!

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