Cancelling Duolingo Plus for a while.. Do I lose my progress?


I'm just curious if someone can answer a question for me. I am taking a break from Duolingo for a couple of months, and I currently use Duolingo Plus.

If I cancel my subscription, am I at risk of losing all of my progress thus far? Or will I keep it, and then when I choose to resubscribe I continue where I left off?


6 days ago


No, you won't lose your progress. However, the stuff you've learned will atrophy.

6 days ago

Thank you for your input! It answers my question.

I could have rephrased it differently, however. I should have said, ‘will I lose access to the lessons I have gained access to?’

I will be using a in-house language teacher temporarily. There is no risk of atrophy.

Thanks again.

6 days ago

The answer to that question is also no, although you may get weird ads. (They keep trying to sell me server software.)

6 days ago
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Your subscription does not pay for participation in the course. (Many of us are taking the course completely for free.) Your subscription only pays for a few benefits, like not getting ads and being able to download some lessons to do off-line.

Not only can you use your account when you resubscribe, but, if the fancy strikes you, you should be able to use it during your break. Just without the additional benefits.

5 days ago
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