What are you aiming for?

So as someone that loves learning about people, culture, and places, I just wanted to ask:

What is everyone's motivation for learning the language that you're currently learning? Especially for the people that have several hundred days in succession with logging on, doing the work, and learning what you can.

What motivates you to do that?

What are you wanting to gain from this, besides just learning the language(s) of your choice (or IS that your reason)?

My personal reasons are that every language that I've got listed so far, I hope to one day visit the places that the language is from, even live in some of those areas. My main motivator for Japanese is because I want to be able to communicate with a few friends that I have that live in Japan, as well as communicate with musicians that I follow and listen to in their own language.

What are your reasons? Do you have a specific goal or is it just for fun? I'm just curious (^^).

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