Streak Freeze not working..

I always ensure that I am equipped with a streak freeze, just in-case I can't complete a lesson. Recently this has happened to me twice that I know I had a streak freeze and wasn't able to complete a lesson and the next day when I went on to complete my lesson I see my streak has been lost! This happened to me with a 40 day and 70 day streak! I was so upset!! I know I recently purchased another freeze and I went to the shop to see if there is anything new and I see I need to buy another one... Has this happened to anyone else? Where you know you have a streak freeze but for some reason it is no longer activated... It's really upsetting when you loose a big streak and were thinking you had a freeze to save you but then it is not reliable. >:(

5 days ago

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Hi Claire,

mobile app or computer / web portal?

You might have sync errors on the mobile app and lessons are not correctly submitted to the server.

Or: I came across several threads in the past weeks / months that for some reason completed lessons are suddenly lost (people with e.g Google Chrome, using a computer)

Which browser are you using (which a reliable internet connection)?
Which version?
Do you get any red (Javascript) errors in your browser console?

5 days ago

I normally use the app on my Iphone, but there has been times that I use google chrome on a windows desktop. The times I lost my streak I was using the app.

5 days ago
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