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The name( NOT username) on my account is wrong suddenly

A few days ago I logged on and my actual name on my account had been changed, not by me, to a series of numbers and letters. I can't take screenshots, but I'm now listed as something like id8743psexy.8 or something. The words sexy and id in it make me feel like a person did it and not a glitch, so I'm a little worried I'd been hacked. I changed my password, and have been trying unsuccessfully to change my name. I can change everything else, but when I click on the name field it's blank and won't let me type. This us on both the android app and my browser. Help please

January 10, 2019



You definitely have been hacked. You can change your name on the web portal here (and it should not be blank): https://www.duolingo.com/settings/profile

If it does not work e.g on Google Chrome or Firefox browser (on a real computer), please file a bug report and include specific informations about your system, browser and version.


January 10, 2019


Thank you so much, that worked. For some reason I couldn't find that page on my own, but your link worked. I already submitted a bug report about the app. Since I changed my password, should I take any further steps to protect my account. Again thanks!

January 10, 2019


Be sure your password is complex, and that you’re not using it anywhere else.

If you were using your old password anywhere else, change it on those sites too, and make all the passwords different from each other.

January 10, 2019
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