The Fate of the Yiddish for English Speakers course?

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After the release of the Latin course, many people referred to not having another Yiddish course. By this they meant seeing the inactivity of the Yiddish course in the Latin course. Thence, I went to the Yiddish course that I had been waiting for for a while and noticed the inactivity for myself.

Questions I therefore formulated include:

What is the fate of the Yiddish for English Speakers course?

Should courses be allowed in the incubator with such inactivity for so long?

When will it be possible for the contributors to continue?

Should DuoLingo look for new contributors that have more time to put into the course?

Why I wanted to see Yiddish:

For a while, I have been planning (and working on) learning the Majority Romance languages along with some Minority ones. However, it came to my attention that the language I speak best, English sadly (I had lost when I came to the USA), is a Germanic Language which increased my interest in the Germanic Languages. Seeing that German, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch and Afrikaans were available and Yiddish was in the incubator, I was excited to learn a Germanic Language with the Hebrew Alefbet of Ethnically-Hebrew origin.

Anyways, Vale et *Te Videbo Mox!

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