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Vocabulary suggestion - hover hint

On the vocab page http://duolingo.com/#/vocab

there should be a dictionary hover hint when you mouseover a word.

This would be quicker than clicking on a word to see its detailed page.

Also, if you sort the word list, then click on a word to see its page, when you come back to the vocab page the list is no longer sorted. This is annoying.

April 6, 2013



Thanks for the suggestions and feedback. I'm going to bring it directly to the product team.


It would be absolutely wonderful if the gender was put in the hint with nouns. This would help us to remember if the noun is m/f/n and by selecting the correct the correct das, die, der (or what have you) we would be better planting the gender in our heads with the word.


I strongly support this idea. Indeed, I think that learning the gender (article) is part of the process of learning a noun : you really know a noun if you know its gender too. (Same in other language that have gender).

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