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One class (physical) for different levels

Hi, working at a company with an office i Spain, and with international business, I have thought about setting up a Spanish course (with teacher) at work to get more of my colleagues started with Spanish, but of course also to get the chance to learn more myself. Besides 1-2 lessons a week I'm thinking about using Duolingo for competitions and maybe homework.

The Spanish classes are not only for actually learning Spanish, if that was the sole focus we would probably be better off going to external classes instead of setting up one at the office. Instead, a very important aspect of this initiative is to improve the team spirit. Besides the normal classes I have been thinking about organizing different "cultural sessions" in Spanish, for example cooking, salsa dancing, etc.

Now to my question: the current level in the Spanish language among us are probably pretty diverse, from total beginners, via people who has studied a few years in school, to people who has studied a few months abroad (like myself with 3 months of full time studies in Cuba). However, if possible I would still like to have a single class to cover all of these levels, although it might not be ideal. But as already mentioned it's not only about learning Spanish, but doing it together! :) So does anyone have an idea how to organize such a course and what to focus on during the lessons?

Thanks in advance, Per

4 years ago

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Good question. I think it is quite feasible to do many levels in one class if the aim is not so much only to learn Spanish but also team building, fun etc.

One of the most beneficial experiments i have involved myself is going to a Spanish meet-up group, where there is just that situation - from rank beginners to some in the middle of the way and some native Spanish speakers or people who have lived in a Spanish country for long.

Almost without exception everyone gets something out of it - those who are better help the ones who are less adept at one time and next may speak to someone with even greater experience. Its all about the strong helping the weak but all getting something out of it!

One of the things to ensure is that it is fun. And so we play some group games as well which involves everyone. I guess in a class situation one could follow much the same. The teacher can also teach at different levels some for the beginners and some for the top end.

4 years ago