Folks - the Immersion transition isn't working for me. Instead of translating German, I'm finding that I'm copyediting bad English translations of German. I'm not even reading the German text; instead, I'm reading really bad English and copyediting it into decent English. Your transition is a complete failure if it's supposed to help my German.

April 6, 2013


Thanks for the feedback! How do you feel when you find an article that hasn't yet been translated by a community member. Does it help you learn?

Those are very, very difficult for me to find - it seems one has to be absolutely first to get something of that sort. I prefer to work with Wikipedia articles (which are sorely lacking in the German Duolingo), not the colloquial slang of many of the other options (I'm using Duolingo to work on German as a reading language, and Wikipedia articles and some of the gardening ones work best in my judgment), and there just aren't many untranslated pieces with which I can work. Before, I could work on a sentence, plug in my translation, and see how it compared. I don't have that option any longer. Instead, I see awful, overly literal translations by people who don't know how (in history, at least; I'm a professional historian), say, names are handled or how a bibliography's handled, or, unfortunately, the basics of English grammar. Since I'd like for whatever gets translated by Duolingo to be useful (if, say, the Wikipedia translations wind up being submitted as the basis for English Wikipedia articles on their topics), and since I find bad English to be very annoying, I wind up making copyedits. Frankly, I'd rather work on my own translation and then compare it to others. I don't care for forced social interactions such as the new Immersion setup, and I'll probably spend more of my time working over the general skill tree and just ignore translations until the next time Duolingo decides to shuffle things a bit. This doesn't work for me at all.

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