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Why am I forced into this "league"?

Hi Duo,

I like your app and most of what you're doing, but this morning I've been suddenly forced into joining a stupid "league".

Not everybody wants to participate in that kind of event, even more when we perfectly know how to grind a ton of XP per day, so it'd be nice if you did not impose that kind of decision on people.

- A passionate learner, who like many others, may not like competition in every aspect of life.

January 10, 2019



I just want to leave, pleas allow me to go back to just learning on my own. Don't like competition or being pushed, a reminder is fine, but I like to do it on my own. Let me have my old solo experience back. If I had known that this was a feature of the update, I would have skipped it. Very unhappy.


Just ignore it or turn it if not that hard


How do you turn it off?


Not liking that after two weeks of trying to convince my fiance to join Duolingo and learn with me, as soon as he joins we can't form our own club because I've been dumped into a league. Not liking that at all. Let me out!


One of the features that makes Duo special from other learning apps is the sense of community. Not just on the forums, but in the clubs. Since Duo removed the ability to have discussions on profile pages, the clubs have become a community where people learning the same language can communicate, share resources, and encourage each other.

I hope Duo will seriously reconsider pushing this new League feature to all users. At the very least, allow us to keep our Clubs alongside this new feature. Don't replace it. Not all learning can be measured by metrics. Sometimes community motivates better than competition.


Agreed. I started competing "just because," and found that racing to accrue more XP negatively affected my comprehension. I'm not interested in joining a club either - just happy to work at my own pace. And so I shall!


I dislike this feature and have turned off all notifications from duo in android to avoid the dropped out notifications.


I'm in that test group as well, and of the same mind as you, though I can certainly see how it could be motivating for others. I expect it will test well.

You can't opt out, and there's also no in-app setting for turning off the push notifications for when you've dropped out of the promotion zone or into the demotion zone. Hopefully, we'll get those options if it becomes a permanent fixture of the app.

screenshot from the Android app showing the top participants on the league scoreboard

More screenshots


Are the members of teams able to communicate with each other? I'd be concerned about pressure on reluctant team members who are happily moving along at their own pace and find competition demotivating. And also pressure on people who are undergoing major life distractions, such as bereavement or serious illnesses.


No, there's just a leaderboard, no communication channels, so if it weren't for the notifications it would be easy enough to ignore.


And apparently it's not even for the same language!


Yeah, it's definitely not for the same language - almost everyone in my league is learning English.


It is for different languages... At least the one my lucky Brother's in. Some learning English some Irish. He's learning Japanese


How absurd. Why would I care about competing with random strangers studying different languages. Stupid stupid stupid. I want the friendly competition between my own friends. Why not just keep what already exists and instead just add a new feature? Why force us to drop what we use and like?


Same. I wasn’t asked to join this nonsense any more than I was asked if I wanted my name publicly shared. Duolingo is about a hiccup from a lawsuit.


Please give us a way to opt out of leaderboards.


I believe that you can opt out by simply not clicking on the leaderboard at the start of a new week. I think you can just forget about it, you might get 'demoted' the first week (but probably you do not care) and you will not be 'enrolled' again.

How do I 'know': I did a few lessons at the start of a week while offline (on an airplane) and discovered none of them could be claimed in the leaderboard as I did not 'kickstart' it before doing the lessons.


I totally agree with you. I don't like to be forced into the "league" feature.

An optional league would be OK, especially if you can choose those you can compete with. Or accept a challenge from someone. But I don't know any of the people in my "league" and I don't see why I should be forced to compete with them.

Duolingo, with all it's recent changes, is getting more unattractive by day!


It would be better without the leagues. It is quite discouraging to compete against a bunch of random strangers each week, especially when some of them are doing a few thousand XP. The clubs were better, especially when the size of the clubs were limited. It was great getting to know people who had an interest in the same language.


I can't understand how some can make a few thousand XP's in less than a day. It's this really possible or are they cheating the system somehow? If so, why should I want to compete with such people? It does not help with learning the language whatsoever.


Of course it is possible. A Basics 1 German lesson takes about 15 seconds to complete(on the website version). That's four per minute. If they spend 30 minutes a day doing Basics 1 lessons, that will be 1800 XP. And yes, many people spam Basics 1 lessons to get XP. I do it sometimes.


I totally agree. I like Duo and will continue to use it but leagues give me no incentive so I just ignore them. Some of the results do seem impossible and clubs were a better option.


If you disagree with Duolingo eliminating the clubs then 'Stand and fight, say what you feel!' Or at least leave your feedback here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31849174. The link to the feedback form is in the bottom of the first post.

PS: And you can also vote here: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/please-save-duolingo-clubs


While at first I was motivated by the competition, that came to a hard stop when I started competing with people who earned 1000 xp a day. I had a good steal going but intentionally let out die. Now i pretty much do like one lesson every two weeks, coming from a streak of like 180 days. Leaderboards are such a big part of duolingo's reminders that I actively think about using duolingo and then change my mind when I remember about leaderboards. I am a poor sport, and I know that, so I don't like computering, even though I'm competitive. Please let me opt out so I can get back too testing myself against me..


I want nothing to do with these Leagues. I opted specifically to stop using the Android version and only use desktop just so I wouldn't have to be part of one. Opt-out shouldn't only be a thing for children in classrooms.


Sadly, leagues have been added to desktop too. I'm sick of it


I have no interest in a league of strangers and on top if that people who are not even learning the same language as me. What is the point??


Totally agree. It should be about learning the same language and encourage each other to stay on for the long-term. Not stupid random leagues


The number of people doing each languages differs, so they cannot keep same language learners together. That's also not the point of the league. if you like competition it shouldn't matter what language the other people are learning. You earn the same points per lesson. I agree that the competition is not for everyone, and Duolingo shouldn't automatically place people in leagues, you should choose to join.


What league is that?


I don't know much, it just popped on my phone this morning, apparently it's divided in 5 leagues starting from bronze, and the 10 best score will advance to the next one in 3d


Ah, an app then. iOS or Android?

I haven't seen this or heard of it either. Could you share a screen shot?


I can't transfer the screenshot to my computer, and don't know how to access this thread from my phone, sorry.

I'm on android.

It replaced the "club" tab actually


The League concept really has no value so I will ignore it. I noticed outlandish numbers posted. How could anyone believe a person could be learning posted 7000 points in an evening or 10000 points in a couple of days. I really enjoy the app and will continue to use it to learn while ignoring the leagues


A new person testing out of large portions of the course conceivably could earn a fair number of xp very quickly.

[deactivated user]

    Yes, but the theme is not about getting thousands of xp and the app is not about it, and learning a language too. So people dislike this idea with the leagues, the clubs are much more useful and interesting feature.


    Probably a new person testing out is more interested in maximizing their own learning experience than in competing in a league. Which makes sense - evidently no one is in a league because they asked to be there.

    [deactivated user]

      No community it's dreadful if they don't reintroduce clubs or somewhere where we can speak to our friends in bad french I suggest we all leave en mass.


      Don’t look at it


      Totally agreed. I joined the league last week as I saw it would be forced to sooner or later in May....even I was in the 1st place of brown league last week, but keep trying to be the top 10 is making me losing the fun of taking a few minutes to keep my streak only. Is there any way to leave league? I just want to have fun with Duolingo.


      I don't like the league. I prefer the clubs. If you are with me on this please sign https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/please-save-duolingo-clubs


      I would really appreciate an opt out feature - I have no interest in being part of any "league".

      [deactivated user]

        Have you found one? Otherwise I'll give you the link. :)


        Agreed.. competition without community is not for everyone. I prefer the clubs and found it valuable to actually get to interact with people vs just seeing a number on the screen.

        Also what is the point of adding a more basic feature and removing a more extensive one??


        The point is that there are people (actually a lot) who get motivated to learn more through this leagues system. In my case, I participate in the leagues as a motivation to practice more. I understand that some people do not get comfortable with this feature and I agree that it should be allowed only for those who want to participate, not imposed.


        But when you're racking up the points needed to stay at the top, how much do you really "learn"? How much will stick in your head? Meant as a sincere question and not being a negative Nancy. I am going to be opting out/ignoring it as it doesn't click with my learning style.


        I think this greatly depends upon the person. Some people will definitely just sit around farming points or just using the timed practice function over and over in such a way to maximize XP over learning. However, some people also find the competition as a way to motive themselves for doing their daily sessions, and maybe even more, since they can recieve lingot awards. However, I do rather agree that it's terrible that duolingo is forcing leagues upon everyone. It should be a choice, even if whether you like the leagues or not is a rather contentious topic.


        If people are using the timed practice function over and over, they are learning by repetition. There is no down side to the league system. If people participate they are inherently learning by pushing themselves to exercise their language skills to gain XP. If people want to pace themselves, there is no harm done, just ignore the league.


        I kind of agree that some people learn by repetition. That's how I learn best, I think that is also why there is now the levels on each lesson so that you can repeat each lesson to the point that it is down in your mind


        I disagree that it motivates people to learn. It may drive people to be more competitive-- for the first two weeks I did a lot more levels on Duolingo to advance--but that doesn't always equate to learning. For the first couple weeks of this league play, I became very driven to spend a lot of time to earn XP points-- but as I advanced beyond the rudimentary Spanish, I started making a lot of mistakes. I realized very quickly that by powering through to keep ahead in XP points, I was sacrificing actually LEARNING the grammar and sentence structure of Spanish. Competitive league play may be helpful in drilling vocabulary along where rote memorization is acquired through repetition-- but for actually learning how to speak and write Spanish, then slowing down and taking modules a few at a time, and limiting it to what you can really absorb in a day, is superior. I'm now nowhere near advancing in my league, but the next day I'm remembering what I learned the day before.


        Well,please allow me to disagree. There are a lot of learning styles based on motivational differences. Competition could be one. Let me just share my own experience: from the moment I complete a skill, i run the whole learning tree upward or downward, depending. Sometimes, I just exercise on the skills I find more difficult. When I landed on the leaderboard,or Leagues system, it just pushed me toward more revision of easier skills I had neglected, as well as harder ones. It was fun since I had the time available for it these days, and I sometime watched another participant score close to mine for a couple of days. I'll be dropping it soon though. I am looking forward to the day when I can begin to read a german newspaper and understand some of it. For now, I go with Duolingo short stories and enjoy it. Not skilled enough for a german forum or a chat... Raber007


        when you cram learn you don't actually recall all too well


        yeah, i liked talking with people...now you can't even communicate in the language you are trying to learn...


        Yeah, I kind of miss that too, I wish we could have both because they both help me to solidify the language in my memory.


        There are many games that are only made in one language, and if you like one, you can learn and have fun with it. For example, ROBLOX has many spanish, english, and portuguese players


        And on rare occasions, French players.


        The Leagues gimmick is just a new silly idea to force us into clicking more and more ads. But it can be fun as a temporary game if you have the time and you are in the mood. I wondered why there were five levels instead of the "olympic" three and which was the last one. Today I've got the answer: it's Ruby League, after Sapphire and the familiar Gold, etc. If you like competition I'll give you a few tips to go fast to the top: when you begin a new language and take the exam without faults you'll earn more than 3.000 points. Later, you must go only for the highest levels of the most difficult units, and for the timed practices, and you'll stay solidly in the promotion zone all the time. If your native language is A and you are really proficient in B, C, D and E it's amusing to go from B to D, or from E to your own language. Be prepared for big surprises then! I'm more or less native in five languages (very mixed family) and I've had much fun with this,. But I have been horrified too by the sheer incompetence of Duolingo. But enough is enough and I'll drop out of all this game.

        [deactivated user]

          Thank you, I was testing out and doing languages I already know (english-spanish and french) instead of sticking to the language I want to learn just to know what was coming next :p I'll now be able to learn normally and stop wasting my time to get more and more xps


          What competition? There is nothing extra that you receive for being in a higher league. There is no incentive.


          Some people find competition in its own right an incentive.


          True, but not an excuse to force everyone to compete against their will. Bad owl!

          But this is so inconsistent. For example, your own obvious profile shows level 25 for both Spanish and English - yet the 25 veils roughly double the XP you have for Spanish than English. I'd like a Spanish league (from english), and to compete on total XP in that language, same for all the other groups, not to be competing against some random person with a random language. So you should be competing (well) in 3 leagues, in my opinion,

          [deactivated user]

            So sad we were not listened to...as if we didn't make enough of a fuss - and we are the actual users of this system. Just as well the newbies will never get a taste of what we had. After quite some time, things will appear 'business as usual.' That is what they are counting on...


            Perfectly put! "competition without community". I loved the friendly competition between friends. Now they ripped apart our clubs and tossed us into groups with random strangers who aren't even studying the same languages. Why would I prefer that? I couldn't care less if I beat a stranger or if they beat me.


            wow very true, and sad.. -_-


            There really should be an option to join a league, and even if you did, it should put you on one based on your skill level. Right now I'm in the Bronze league with a few other people who barely even practice anymore, and I'm about 500 xp ahead of them. It's sad.


            I noticed that when I advanced to the sapphire league, there were already people on there with thousands more xp points than me. At this point there's no way to keep up and catch up to the top 10 unless I do about 100+ lessons a day before it times out. And I noticed those people aren't doing an insane amount of more lessons a day than me either so I can only assume they're leftover from those who didn't advance, maybe? Especially since they had way more xp when I first got into that league. I liked the idea of competition and felt like it kept me motivated to be consistent in order to advance but when someone is ahead by thousands of points when I first start that league, it's kind of discouraging. I don't personally want to opt out, as I said, it motivates me but I feel like those who don't want to participate or have their name on the board should be able to have the option not to participate. There's definitely some things to work out with the change and hopefully they take these issues into consideration and try to make some adjustments.


            I love competing and it motivates me to actually stay on the app and do something with my time. Staying in 1st place is really cool and I like to brag


            Staying in first is cool. I actually prefer to be in the top 10. I like to sort of tease the guys who are in first by coming real close. They then jump up a 100 points. I match them. That's the fun part for me. :)


            I actually like the league. I've 'up'd' my skills from 3 lessons a day to 30 to 40. What I don't like is that you can lose a league. They don't take away medals for competitors that get old. Also, I don't understand how it works. I see one group then another. And I friended people in one group who advanced with me but now they are in another league. At least i have more friends, i guess.


            You get put in a league at your level based, so far as anyone can figure, on when you complete your first lesson of the new cycle and who else starts the new cycle around that time. There have to be multiple groups at each level, because of the number of people using Duolingo.


            Exactly. Why FORCE us to do things differently? Why eliminate an option like clubs? If we like clubs, why not just let us be?


            I agree. I like studying the amount of time I decided but I can't help feeling guilty whenever I am notified that I lost x place.


            Yes this makes sense! Sometimes people won't want to join a league. It should be an option!


            One can ignore the leagues, if so desired. For me, it was a wonderful challenge to increase my daily output. And spending more time per day actually made remembering easier for me. Unfortunately, arthritic fingers do not take well to the "quick learning" required! ;) Brilliant move, Duo.


            What are you talking about? Its a great idea and it helps to stay motivated to grind


            Club with others learning the same language were way better. Leagues just pit you against others who are learning all sorts of different languages ( haven’t been in a league yet with anyone learning my chosen language. When you get to ruby league, what then ? There is no where else to go as I found. No interaction with anyone else .... boring.

            [deactivated user]

              There is nothing wrong with the leagues and I am in it too. But I also believe that a person should have a choice of being in a league or not. I feel that duo can have both the league and the club and people can be in one or another or both if they want to.


              I have read through all the comments about leagues and the message I get is they are a waste of time - a view I agree with. I don't want to remove them in privacy settings because that will also exclude the few followers I have left from clubs. I am motivated by 'streaks' as they prompt me to do regular work at a level I can choose, but I find the league 'structure' demoralising where I'm supposedly competing against random people studying a variety of languages. I happily paid to be a Plus member as support to Duolingo but I am now considering not renewing it.


              Love the way this post is worded.

              I wasn't a fan of the leagues when they were first added, and in a recent update another 4 or 5 leagues were added… And I've noticed that those who are in the top spots in the league are "learning" multiple languages and tend to be beginners in most of them… Which indicates the possibility that they are doing earlier, easier modules for the sole purpose of coming out on top in the leagues. This learning style not only increases the likelihood of burnout, but also encourages that type of "learning" for the others in the league who want to compete with those learners.



              I agree with what you said(and the original​ post and many of these comments), but from your description, it seems like I am one of those people who have many languages at low levels, but I just like learning them and don't have much time to learn a lot with school. Also, the languages when I do know, like Chinese, I tested out the last checkpoint straight away and it gave like 200 xp, which puts me at level three which doesn't help the leaderboard, and makes it seem like I'm at a low level, maybe some others are like me? ( Not everyone of course)


              I like the leagues a lot


              I agree. This might suit some people but I just find it - and especially the push reminders - annoying and intrusive. Please add an option to turn this off.


              Add option to join as well.


              good lord...i want my club back. not interested in being in a league.


              I totally agree. I miss the clubs, hate the leaderboard.


              It seems we won't be getting the Clubs back. :(
              But, we can disable the Leagues / Leaderboard:


              Fifty-fifty. I know that if you finish #1, #2 or #3 in ANY league, you get lingots for free, but in EVERY league everybody is going mad.


              ESPECIALLY the Diamond league. 1000000 XP on #1.


              Yo pude regresar a mi club, finalmente regresé y me deshice de las ligas. Abrí la aplicación en otro celular.




              Oh, was it an A/B test? I found it extremely motivating and was getting ready to put in 1000xp this weekend to progress to Gold league. But now that's gone and we're back to clubs. Which are good too. Obviously I'd like to have both.

              While I'm here, DuoLingo needs some high value items in the shop. I've got 250 ingots and nothing to spend it on. How about diamond armour?


              Ah, that rumour was incorrect. It was a bug that some users got put into league when they were already part of a club. The official notice is here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30433123

              [deactivated user]


                Only 250? Count yourself lucky. I was here when they still had "immersion," which was basically just translating articles. You were rewarded TONS of lingots for that. I'm sitting on over 4,200 right now, and at one point I think I had 6,000.

                I have been using them to "test out" of many skills as I rebuild my Spanish tree to all gold. I don't know exactly where the limit is for testing out, but after a certain point it starts charging you 5 lingots for each test. As I speak Spanish in my daily life (I have a Costa Rican girlfriend, thanks to Duolingo for my initial steps in the language and another app for connecting me with native Spanish-speakers learning English, one of whom was her), I really only wanted to top off my skills. I also wanted to check out the changes to the course, since it is now tied to CEFR proficiency standards.

                I'd love to see more bonus lessons offered, perhaps things like regional dialects. Spanish in particular could have a lesson on voseo, a variation on the second-person familiar with its own verb conjugation that is considered standard in Argentina, Uruguay, and Costa Rica; and is commonly heard in spoken Spanish in parts of Colombia and many Central American countries.

                But on topic, I find the leagues to be somewhat motivating right now, but I cannot imagine that motivation will last once the novelty wears off.


                I like the idea of the clubs. Although, the concept has not been carried out very well. I believe the "competition" aspect of Duolingo is really lame.


                I enjoyed my club because it gave 3-5 weekly prompts for us to respond to in the language. Now I'm in a league that is completely XP driven. Nothing interactive. I can't stand it, and can't get out!!!


                Hey Duo!!!

                I was asked by a few of my friends to join a club with them. I left the club I was previously in, but now there is just a league that I don’t want to be a part of. HELP!!!


                I don't mind the leagues. But people seemed to be liking the clubs feature so I'm not sure why it was removed.

                [deactivated user]

                  I personally feel that there should be both the club and the league and that the person be able to choose which one that they want to be in.


                  If you don't like the leagues then just ignore them, NOBODY is forcing ANYBODY to participate in the leagues.


                  Well that's correct, but it would be better if the user could have the options not to join the league.


                  I actually really like the new league system. I'm competitive and the desire to be first on the leaderboard has helped encourage me to study with Duolingo more, which is good for me and Duolingo.


                  I fully concur with the sentiments of those who see through this silly gimmick. I’ve jockeyed my way to the top of the sapphire league by abandoning the challenging language I really want to persevere with and harvesting facile points from the ones I’ve already mastered. It’s kind of fun I guess if you like this sort of game but please, Duolingo, ditch it and let’s get back to serious learning!


                  I first encountered Duolingo after many years of language study. I am good in many languages...I decided to study Italian. I have been grinding out the xp like a mofo, pulled a 90 day streak...went back and had to review a bunch of basic stuff...what I thought I knew, I just didn't have locked in. I'm no dummy, I have a steel trap for languages. This xp system and league system is pure trash. Go at your own speed. Understand the material. Back it up with a site like Memrise. Then move on. Forget leagues and points.


                  The league works for some of us. For me it's not about the points at all. Initially I wanted to know what the leagues were and if little me could keep advancing, so often being in the top ten was enough for me, I did't need to be number 1. I ended up learning so much over such a short period of time that I now use it as a tool to keep learning. I've been going back to earlier lessons and I still understand most of it. I've learned a lot more in a few months than I did in 2 years of being a Duolingo user, and it's because of the league. Going at my own pace did not work for me because I dwelled on things, took fewer lessons, got bored and de-motivated, went weeks at a time without doing any lessons, and forgot most of what I had learned.


                  Educational psychologists recognize two different kinds of motivation, extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is when you are doing something mainly to earn a reward. Intrinsic motivation is when you are doing something because you find the activity rewarding in itself. A problem that can arise with offering extrinsic rewards to a learner who is intrinsically motivated is that it can actually demotivate them. This is why it is very important that Duolingo recognizes this and allows individuals to opt in or out of the leagues. I am one of many intrinsically motivated learners who is finding that the leagues are demotivating me.



                  Thanks so much for this info. I'm definitely on the intrinsic motivational side. After being #1 for 3 weeks in a row, my motivation changed from being excited to be learning my grandmother's first language, to becoming #1...and my retention and understanding began to go down.

                  Your explanation and that of Obake158 has helped to redirect my thinking and motivation BACK to intrinsic, and I'm thrilled. Thanks so much!

                  [deactivated user]

                    i agree with you.its pointless and for my experience makes me frustrated and annoyed.


                    I don't even know what is the whole point of this "league". Clubs are more rewarding. This discussion needs to be taken to the App Store reviews and, perhaps, give bad ratings. It's been months now and they haven't done anything to remove this ad-infested league.

                    My goal is to max out on a skill each day but doing that earns me a lot of XP which make it look like I am actually competing in this league. I don't like that. My goals are mine.


                    The competition feature appeals to my monkey brain no matter who I am competing with but I suppose if you really don't like it you can put tape over that part of your screen.


                    Hi, I just figured out a way to leave the league (with a string attached, described later).

                    Follow this path to leave the league using duolingo.com, NOT the duolingo app: Setting - Privacy - Click OFF make your profile public, then you’re out of the league.

                    However, when you do this, your profile will become private and invisible, making it impossible for you to follow others or to be followed.

                    BUT the friends you already have from before will still be there.

                    If you want to make a new following, you can make your profile public for a moment to finish your follow process, then set it private again. A bit of a hassle but worth it if the League is bothering you as much as it is to me.

                    Hope this helps.

                    [deactivated user]

                      yes I figured it out and told someone else how to do it. Glad you figured it out as well. If I want to concentrate on something specific and not do the league, I turn it off. When I want to check the others or where I stand, I click it back on. As long as I am not on the bottom I am good. When I feel like competong I can and if not then I just turn it off again.


                      Some learners are accumulating outrageous numbers. So many I’m suspicious about how they are managing life. Bots? Family members and/or friends sharing the app? Funny business to be sure. I’m not playing anymore. I like to eat and go for walks. And.....work. Earn income? Duh!

                      [deactivated user]

                        It does look very suspicious especially since you don't get a bunch of points when you tests out anymore. It used to bother me at first but I did get 1st, 2nd and 3rd place before. I just let them do their thing and go to privacy setting and uncheck make my profile public so I am not distracted by them and periodically make sure that I am still in the top ten so that I can go on to the next league.


                        If you don't feel like playing the league, just ignore it. Nothing happens if you don't advance, lol.


                        Whether people like the leagues or not is down to their preference, and is a smaller issue than being forced into the Leagues. Duolingo should provide people with the option (not the option we have now where you turn your profile private) to participate in a league or not. I like the idea of the league but I also prefer to learn without participating in a league. All I ask for is to be given the option to participate or not, without having to make my profile private.




                        No es una buena respuesta, Caro, pero no puedes hacer nada para salir/no entrar de las clasificaciones. Despues de leer tooooodos de estos comentarios, creo que no hay ningun efecto con los lingots, las coronas, etc, si no quieras participar en las ligas. Solo es una de las ideas de márketing. Si quieras participar, cool. Si no, cool tambien. La tabla de clasificación no afecta tus resultados. Buena suerte (y espero que me has entendido sin puntuacion?).


                        Dear Friend I was wondering the same too. But it is really simple if you think in a cunning way. If you are in a league you are getting challenged every minute to compete in a stupid competition of fake xp gaining. The more lessons you do to get the fake XP the more advertisements you see if you are using the free app. The more advertisements you see the better for DUO. All is about making Duolingo richer and richer. And even if you are forced into leagues and you dont like it, you will get used to it. You will never abandon Duolingo app because you are addicted to it after using it for some years the same as me. I call it the Drug Dealer's Method (DDM), where he gives the victim free samples of drugs for the first 2-3 times and then the victim comes begging to him for the dose. That's how they make money. Duolingo Leagues is exactly the same way. I hope i don't get bannished after this, because i spit out a lot of truth. Try searching my account in a week please. I hope Duolingo gives us the freedom to get out of these knowledge killing bu@@@@t and enjoy learning again. I was in love with that app before stupid leagues and i brought 5 friends too. I think i did a mistake after all.

                        PS I hope nobody gets offended by the DDM i mentioned above. I say it for mysef too. I have gotten to be a DUO- junkie thanks to those leagues. I was getting 10000 XP a day. If you dont believe me just look at my league. I'm in diamond and i hope i get rid of this sh*** soon enough


                        Great assessment. Speak your truth!


                        Just ignore the leagues.


                        i, for once, have no problem with leaderboards whatsoever...so what if it automatically gets you into it? in my opinion, if you really wanna learn a language and you don't care bout competitions...you would neither be discouraged by leaderboards nor other people getting crazy XPs in a day, in a nutshell, keep learning in your own pace, why do you even care about these competitions?? idk what's the big deal here, when you don't lose anything for not getting enough XPs in leaderboards....


                        I don't like the leagues either. People are jumping up and down and through hoops and standing on their heads and walking on their hands and chewing gum at the same time and just tying themselves in knots trying to get all these points while completely missing the REAL point, which is to learn new languages and thereby improve your brain. If you're on DuoLingo for hours and hours just trying to get points all weekend, it probably means you don't have much else in your life. That's just sad. Number One. Number of the Magician. Ego problem. 'Nuff said, just about.

                        The leagues ARE stupid. Unless you're a pigeon or a monkey, just trying to get a treat by pecking at a keyboard. It's 1950s dog-eat-dog stuff and it stinks.

                        It's not much of a competition, anyway. The real winners are the real travelers, who can actually afford to go to all these countries and actually speak these languages with real native speakers. Everybody knows that. Real winners are people who work at the UN because they actually speak Swahili and Japanese, or who get paid the big bucks translating for some huge billion-dollar company. The REAL winners are the Jet Set, the ones who marry a parmesan cheese countess with a huge international reputation and can hang out with all their Spanish nobility friends in Monaco at a dance party sleepover on a yacht somewhere, with Rodolfo and Armando bringing the pineapple drinks. Oh thank you darling you are so beautiful, ciao bella. That's who the REAL winners in life are. No doubt about it. Dream big, people. It could happen to you. You'll enjoy the New York scene until you're steppin' on rats tryna get out of Penn Station.

                        It's all about money, everybody knows that. This DuoLingo crap is just a halfass substitute for actually being able to hobnob in the Seychelles or sit and have your croissants by the Seine. It's just a fantasy and there aren't even any pictures of palm trees and oceans or real Italian villas or Crispin Glover's castle to go with it. Just a bunch of squatty little cartoon people with square heads.

                        All those Italian villas are falling into ruin lately anyway, 'cause nobody in the families has the bucks to keep 'em up anymore. It's too ding-dang bad. Mi dispiace.

                        All that being said, I kind of enjoy playing around on DuoLingo. It's nice to hear that little bell ring over and over. Sort of like working at a checkout counter.

                        Yes, I'm bitter and I'm cynical and I'm old and depressed and living in a pandemic, too. Bad attitude. Stay away, be afraid! Hideous warning for all you Millennials out there! Don't be like me! Keep it fresh!


                        Is it really about competing? Am in the Ruby league 2nd atm and it was very easy to get there, no competing required I think it is far too easy to get there and I would prefer a bit more competition?


                        How many xp do you tend to accrue in one day? We're only into the 2nd day of the week and the "leader" in my group has over 720xp. Most people do not have that kind of time! Also, how can it be a competition if we're all at different skill levels, learning different languages? I just don't get it!

                        [deactivated user]

                          some have gotten more than that on the first or 2nd day. It does look suspicious 720 is possible though on the 2nd day but you have to spend a lot of time doing it

                          [deactivated user]

                            If you really ARE a German teacher, don't you think you have some kind of advantage? Of course it may be just your profile name, I'm not trying to be mean - just pointing out the obvious.

                            [deactivated user]

                              it would be neat if they added another league or two. Only for those who want it.

                              [deactivated user]

                                I noticed that Duo did added two more.


                                "Duolingo why do you put systems in place on your FREE learning app that statistically make more people use your app more often. It makes me feel bad about myself when I have to compete and don't do well."

                                Amazing app keep it up Duolingo!


                                I agree. How do I get out of leagues?

                                [deactivated user]

                                  go to settings and under privacy settings uncheck make my profile public.


                                  How do I get out of leagues?


                                  I do not want to participate in any kind of “league”. Could you provide an option to disable it, please? A very bad idea.


                                  Agreed that it would be nice to be able to choose whether or not to be in a league. Diversity among humans is a beautiful thing. Some of us are more motivated when competing against others. Some of us find such competition distasteful, and are motivated to compete against ourselves or simply to learn. Options are nicer than surprises across the board. But I will stick with Duolingo anyway, because my main objective is to improve in Spanish!


                                  I think that the idea of competition is great for a person who perceive course like a game. Don't be so serious, learning is not a quick way, It is monotonous also. So any way of diversity I welcome. If our competition lead to communication it would be grate also.


                                  I think, that the idea of competition is great for a person who perceives the course like a game. Don't be so serious, learning is not a quick way, It is monotonous also. So any way of diversity I welcome. If our competition lead to communication it would be grate also.


                                  I always practiced a lot when my friends were practicing so I'd have more points than them. So this isn't much different for me except that my friends don't use duolingo anymore so this works for me.


                                  If you change your account in privacy settings so it is not public, it will make sure you aren't entered in sny leagues. However, you will no longer be able to follow other or have people follow you. You will still be able to comment on forums (unless you also disable that option).

                                  [deactivated user]

                                    what is interesting you can't unfollow people in the league if you want to especially those get so many extra points out of the ordinary and out of nowhere and immediately in less than a day or two. I got first, second and third place before and now I just want to stay at least in the top 10 so that I don't lose my points or league status. I agree that if people don't want to be in a league they should have the choice and if they want to stay in the league they can.


                                    It's soooo boring without the clubs. Brain dead leagues of people who have nothing in common can't replace them. You also can't communicate with your old friends from the clubs. I have joined Busu and like it now a lot more than duolingo. I guess I still stay on for a bit to use it for vocabulary practice. But I am sooo boed


                                    I agree. I wish I could go back to my club or do without the competition.


                                    I was thinking if we could at least communicate with our friends I would feel less deserted about losing the clubs. I would love to tell them to keep going and honor their achievements however big or small. They are personal. But it's not possible and it makes me sad

                                    [deactivated user]

                                      are you talking about when you uncheck the make profile public button then you cant see others and they cant see you. you can always go backa and forth.


                                      I like your comment alot. It was fun being on top of the leaderboards for 4 weeks but after reaching Ruby status, I'm not interested in competing anymore. I'll probably uninstall the app to take my name out of the leaderboards. One good thing though I did retain a lot knowledge in my nihongo studies.

                                      [deactivated user]

                                        You can go to settings and uncheck the make my profile public and you wont see anyone else and they wont see you.


                                        Sorry cannot find the privacy button that keeps being mentioned. Any idea how to get to it. Tried contacting duolingo help but it just goes into cyberspace ..........


                                        Hi vron0, you need to be on the desktop site. I spent ages trying to figure it out in the app until CandySpani1 fortunately replied to my comment on this thread with instructions on how to do it; under picture in the top right go to privacy settings and uncheck make my profile public. Worked for me (on the desktop site), hope it works for you.


                                        Hi LeahBC55, Thank you so much for replying and your help. I did as you suggested on the desktop and managed to get rid of the awful leaderboards. Thank you so much. Now I just have to find “friends” who are learning Welsh. I hope duolingo listens to its users and brings back the clubs so we can at least interact with others in our new language. Vron0


                                        You're welcome, good luck with your ongoing learning! Welsh would be my next choice to learn (still ploughing through Swedish currently) so maybe we'll have clubs back and cross paths again by then!

                                        [deactivated user]

                                          Yes I am glad that you figured out that you have to do it on the desktop because I just found out recently that I can't do it on the phone app but when I did it I was on the desktop.


                                          I have absolutely no interest in leaderboard, leagues or clubs. Just want to learn a language. Not being remotely motivated by competition I find it irritating. Does anyone know if there's a way to 'turn it off'. I'm also not keen on the aspect of any info of mine being 'seen' by others for no reason, and when I've not expressly authorized it. Suppose I could just ignore it, but it gets on my nerves!

                                          [deactivated user]

                                            under your picture in the top right corner under account settings go to privacy settings you can uncheck where it says make my profile public and it will take you off the league and all the people will disappear and it will only leave you by yourself. You will still have the lessons to use.

                                            You can only do this on the desktop though. Maybe they will make it to where we can do it on our phones in the future.


                                            That's great, thanks CandySpani1! Appreciate your help, all the best.

                                            [deactivated user]

                                              you are welcome


                                              I HATE the new league system . I don’t think it enhances my learning skills. Come on Duolingo give us back our dedicated language clubs, your new system is not for everyone, perhaps you should give us a choice. Why does no one get back to me when I contact he’ll page on duolingo site?

                                              [deactivated user]

                                                You can go to settings and uncheck the make my profile public and you wont see anyone else and they wont see you.


                                                Leagues do not compel you to learn, they compel you to compete. Learning a language is not sport. You pile on the XP's just so you can see that you are "NUMBER ONE!" Duo, arrange these leagues into people who are studying the same language.


                                                Too right. Since getting rid of the leagues I am now enjoying learning again. Would like the XP’s though just for personal info. Let’s hope duolingo start to listen to it’s users before they loose them to Memerise.

                                                [deactivated user]

                                                  I didn't realize this until you mntioned this. I just checked and the ones that are ahead of me right now are not learning Spanish like I am but are learning 3 different languages. I agree, put the ones in the leagues together that are learning the same language that we am learning.


                                                  I wish we could choose to just simply leave. You're absolutely right - the whole competition is not everyone's cup of tea.


                                                  I think you should get a choise but they should not remove it all together.


                                                  it's not gonna affect anything just go with it


                                                  I kind of agree, I do know however that having the leagues helps push me to keep learning. It would be nice if we could be given the option to participate or not, as I know not everyone is competitive.


                                                  I found the Leagues motivating at first, but now distracting. I do think Leagues a fun way to motivate some people, but it would be great for users to have the option to opt out of Leagues (and NOT see League rankings on the main web page).

                                                  I joined Duolingo after the other feature (Clubs?) was deleted. The Clubs sound like they would be fun! But I can also see why they might be a hassle for the Duolingo admin, especially if Clubs required Duolingo staff to monitor or help administer, especially if most of the participants are using Duolingo for free.

                                                  An aside: I love Duolingo so far! I have tried several online language courses, but my lack of available learning/practice time made it a challenge to stick with any of them for long. With Duolingo, I can at least do a bit every day. Also love the podcast for listening practice!


                                                  Nevermind, it's just a league for us to participate in and be enjoy


                                                  You can chage it in settings

                                                  [deactivated user]

                                                    I got leagues on my computer but not on my phone. How do I get leagues on my phone


                                                    Why is the English" icon an American flag? Do speakers of English all "talk American?" Remove that subtle propaganda. No, I won't say please. Why don't you replace the American flag icon with a Canadian flag? Canadians speak English, right? Go ahead...do it now.


                                                    no idea why they did this. just started, and the only reason i am able to be 1st is I work all day. btw im in bronze league so its probably easier


                                                    is there anyone here who can tell me what 's the meaning of "zone of promotion". Best regards


                                                    If you are in that zone when the competion for the week ends, you will be promoted to a league at the next level.


                                                    Competitive freaks make me puke. Literally.


                                                    These are just for fun ☺


                                                    I didn't even know I was in a league until I randomly clicked the shield thing a few weeks ago. I agree, they're just for fun, really, and if people don't like them surely they can just ignore them? Probably too simple a solution for some, lol.


                                                    That's it. Thank you very much!


                                                    I got lots of points because i was serious for a week, and then missed a day due to life. They said all this stuff about a free something made my streak continue, but they took away the points, so there went any motivation. Why would they bother to have something that gives you a free cheat day at all, but one that takes away all points and sets you to zero? It seems like they should either let people cheat by getting free days, or not at all--the middle ground seems really de-motivating and depressing to me.


                                                    If you're talking about the streak freeze, you need to get one before the day you miss.


                                                    .... not everyone wants to compete with others... its about learning and not about how fast.. and thousands of points


                                                    Setting -> Privacy-> Make my profile public (Closed) -> No League


                                                    The funny thing is, that with all the people complaining, the leagues are still here...


                                                    I want the option to turn off leagues too.


                                                    You can turn your account private

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