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New female audio noticed in some of the French exercises!

I would like to report that I have been noticing a new French fembot voice in some of the exercises, like this one;


or this one;


This voice actually sounds clearer than the other one and they may be replacing some problem audio examples with this new one!

As everyone is aware, garbled or barely intelligible audio output especially from the female voice in the French from English course is a perennial problem here in Duoland, I have seen complaints in some of the forums going back as far as five years or longer!

Since French depends on subtle differences in pronunciation to differentiate between different words, tenses and genders this is a welcome development.

January 10, 2019



This new voice is awesome! It is far more clearer than the previous one. I hope Duolingo will implement this for all sentences.


I must have complained about the Fr fembot 100 times over the last couple of years. They finally listened.

The voice is clear and smooth. I love it . Good job DL!


I read a thread post this past year that Duolingo was looking for a new speech software. Whether that was true or not the links you provided show a huge improvement. I wonder if it's new software or an update.


As I do more exercises I am also noticing this new voice is now just an additional voice. So now it seems we have two female voices and one male voice. It is now a real joy to actually clearly hear some of these sentences without having to go to Google or Acapela or Forvo for a reasonable audio on these sentences!


I noticed the new female voice too. However, her voice is quieter in volume than the male voice, and I have trouble understanding it unless I turn up the volume. Then HIS voice is loud. Does anyone else have this problem? Not that I'm complaining. The original female voice had issues. Someone said it sounded like she was getting goosed on some words, lol.


Yes, I noticed that as well. Then the original female voice is now real loud when that comes out! I wish they could figure out how to equalize the volume.

One trick that I have been doing is practicing with noise in the background, like a streaming video or a radio and then turning the volume down on the computer. It is training my brain to pick out the French words and sentences in the type what you hear exercises. I feel that it has improved my comprehension.

So this new voice, even whisper quiet is extremely easy to comprehend.

Also, I wonder if the new voice will bark when she says œuf!


Its not hard to figure out how to equalize the volume. Audio "normalization" as it's called is pretty straight forward and most audio based apps (like Spotify) use it. I think it's a case of DuoLingo being perfectly able to implement this but not bothering because they haven't yet figured out that good user experience is often encapsulated in the finer details.


I noticed the same. The male voice hasn't changed for me, though.


I haven't yet discovered the new voice, but I sometimes have to disable the voice exercises because the female bot sounds like someone with a mouth full of marbles. Coming here and finding out that is changing has made my day :)


I always imagined her gagged and tied to a chair. Then someone with a Duolingo t-shirt forces her at gun point to read aloud some sentences that really make no sense without any context!

Try clicking on the two examples I put above, you will notice the new voice is absolutely wonderful!

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