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"El ministro"

Translation:The minister

May 17, 2014



When I got this as a translation from English to Spanish, I put La ministra, and was counted wrong. But another phrase in Spanish is La ministra de trabajo.

[deactivated user]

    The secretary (US government) should be accepted.


    Why is that? Secretary is secretario, minister is ministro.


    Does this only mean a political minister, or can it also mean a religious minister?


    Yes, same as english, it means both.


    It may be a regional thing, but in Panama I've only ever heard "el pastor" for a religious minister.


    Secretary was marked wrong 15-Nov-2017. JohnDoe388819 is correct - in the U.S. we use 'secretary' to refer to what in UK is a minister - the secretary of education for example. JohnDoe's link to the WordReference entry shows both uses. Secretary should be accepted; I have reported it.


    Ambas respuestas son correctas. En español, se dice EL ministro si se trata de un hombre, y LA ministro para referirse a una mujer. Cambia el artículo pero no la profesión.


    Not to be confused with el minestrone ... ;)

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