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Already doing better than I did in College

I did.... terrible... in my German classes in College. even with retaking a level or few >.> It was horrible, embarrassing and all sorts of not good. I'm now energized and really cant wait to keep learning with this program.

April 6, 2013



Here's a study on the effectiveness of Duolingo. Take a read here: http://static.duolingo.com/s3/DuolingoReport_Final.pdf


Specifics: Why was the class bad? What makes this better?


-I can go at my own pace without fear of a bad grade. -I don't feel pressured to speak up in class, sit in the front, take lots of notes (in fact thanks to typing I don't have to take any!) -I can redo a lesson over and over and over at my own pace. -stars..... it gives me stars.... I sort of have a thing for stars... -Game like build -competition with self instead of against others in my class. I can be the best for me. -I'm no longer eating Gluten<--I have a severe gluten allergy that makes me incapable of comprehending or staying awake. This got in the way of my learning for YEARS. Now that I'm not hindered by a food that makes me feel like crud, I have fun learning again because I CAN learn.


Good for you! Good luck with your endeavours! :D


Thank you so much Agentsi!


Gern geschehen!


Yeah I'm finding the same thing! My reading and writing are so much better.


I'm also finding that my overall retention is better. :)

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