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"Hoʻolilo ka poʻe i ke kālā ma ka ʻaha mele."

Translation:The people spend money at the concert.

January 10, 2019



When can you say "ho'olilo kālā" and when do you have to say "ho'olilo (f.e. ka po'e) i ke kālā"? Or are both options always possible and its just not yet implemented like that in duolingo?


Hmm. Do you have an example of "ho‘olilo kālā" in a sentence? Because it looks like it translates to "the money spends," as if money is the active subject. "Ho‘olilo [somebody] i ke kālā" says [somebody] spends money.


You can do either. Just report it as Your answer should be accepted.


I was wondering the same, because mālama kālā is a verb with two word, so no need of i ke. I thought it was the same with ho'olilo, but I deduced that not.

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