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"Aia ke ʻō ʻulaʻula ma ka lumi kuke."

Translation:The red fork is in the kitchen.

January 10, 2019



Is red fork a cultural thing?


There is no indication in wehewehe.org that ‘ō (fork) is preceded by the article "ke" as an exception. The word begins with an okina and should therefore be a "ka" type.


I changed my mind. I'm wrong once again.


I was once told that back in the day, certain words that had some special importance were given 'ke'. Since food is a very central part of the culture, some items associated with food take ke - even borrowed words like puna. I don't know if 1)This is a fact and 2) how general it might be


This is a broader question. If i were to say "A red fork is in the kitchen" would I simply drop 'ke', as in "Aia ʻō ʻulaʻula ma ka lumi kuke'? I'm still unclear with the a/the situation.

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