"If they take a shower, we will go to the mosque"

Translation:Ikiwa wakioga tutaenda msikitini

January 10, 2019

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Is the "ikiwa" necessary? Wouldn't wakioga tutaenda msikitini" work just as well?


this is an excerpt from a book I bought.

(1) Factual conditional: kama/ikiwa “if (it is true that)”. a. Kama/Ikiwa unamwona, mwite “If you see him (now), call him” b. Kama/Ikiwa humwoni, mwite “If you don’t see him (now), call him”

(2) Probable conditional: -ki- “if”/-si-po- “if. . . not” a. Ukimuona, utampenda ~ Iwapo/Endapo utamwona, utampenda “If you see him, you will like him” b. Usipomuona, hutampenda ~ Iwapo/Endapo hutamwona, hutampenda “If you don’t see him, you will not like him”

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    Interesting. What is the title, author, date and place of publication of the book? Available online?


    Swahili Grammar and Workbook – Fidèle Mpiranya

    it's a little pricey but between this and www.swahilipod101.com have assisted me with Duolingo


    I think so. Isn't wakioga enough?

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      After numerous sentences in which the conditional clause required no special word (like ikiwa or kama), suddenly it is required in this example. Consistency is lacking ...


      In my experience it is not required but a matter of emphasis, I'd like to know what the thinking was here as well


      When do you use Ikiwa in Swahili?


      Waiting for a response too....


      it's optional to emphasize the "if" rather than just -ki- which could mean "if" or "when"


      How about kama wakioga?


      that should work too


      why is kama wrong??


      Why is kama incorrect....are ikiwa and kama different....how do we use them


      I keep getting it wrong because if I write "kama" or "ikiwa" neither is right. I am confused. Both words mean if??


      The hover hints say "If they take a shower" is the word Wakioga, but then the answer requires Ikiwa, which is not part of the hover hints, nor should it be, if Wakioga indeed means that entire phrase! Please either correct the hover hints or else accept the answer without Ikiwa in it!


      Can a native speaker help us with this..when to begin with ikiwa and when not

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