"Maʻalili ke kalo."

Translation:The taro is cooled.

January 10, 2019

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"The taro is chilled," didn't work.


How do you decide whether something is used in the passive? Why the "taro is cooled" instead of "the taro cooled?"


It’s not that. It’s that maʻalili is a stative verb, which means the taro is currently in the state of having cooled down.


Have you noticed the different words for cool, chilled, iced, cooled off? Here we go (highlights I believe are the words taught in this course):

Wehewehe - [Hawaiian Dictionary(Eng to Hwn)] cooled: Maʻalili; maʻūʻū; kōaniani (by a breeze).

cool: ʻOluʻolu (pleasantly); huʻihuʻi (chilly); maʻū (damp). Also: anu, anuanu, hoʻānu, hau, ʻolu, koʻekoʻe, aniani; anuhea; waianuhea (as in mountains); waiʻolu, hauhau, hoʻomaʻalili, mōʻolu, līhau, hoʻānu.

Cool chill, lī anu.

To cool off, hōʻoluʻolu, mani. Poetic references to coolness may signify comfort, happiness, and sexual passion.

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