"Do you have old clothes?"

Translation:Apakah kamu punya pakaian lama?

January 10, 2019

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"Tua" could be used, but note that it's not exactly synonymous with "lama". "Tua" means old as in having visible signs of age. "Lama" means old as in having existed for a long time, but not necessarily showing visible signs of age.

So in this case, "pakaian lama" means clothes that you've had for a long time, whereas "pakaian tua" means clothes that are worn out with age. It seems to me that either could be a reasonable interpretation of the English sentence.


Good answer. Thank you for the thorough explanation.


Tua is considered correct here, but it is not. Tua and muda is only used for age and colors, dark or light.


Would ada instead of punya be possible?


it's informally valid

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