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Levelled up too soon?

I seem to have levelled up from 9 to 10 in German overnight, despite not doing anything to cause that.

After completing all of my learning and practice yesterday I was about 70 XP away from levelling up, so thought it likely I would do so today. However I see this morning that the levelling up has apparently taken place, or at least my German flag now shows Level 10. My timeline does not record this event, though it correctly shows that yesterday I completed the skill "Family".

Any ideas?

ETA that early this morning I translated some sentences from Spanish in Immersion. Could these have been credited to German by mistake?

May 17, 2014



The misplaced credit for the Spanish translation was my thought, too, since I always have to refresh my computer op system after Immersion to have the points reflected in my total.


That did seem a possibility, but having now completed a new skill my German XPs for day only include those for the new lessons and not those from the Spanish translation work. So in fact it doesn't seem to have been that.

Curiouser and curiouser.


There is sometimes (usually) a delay on points for translation showing. So if you did some German translation yesterday, had you gone back to your home page and refreshed it a couple of times before logging out last night you might well have seen the points show then.


I have not done any translation from German yet, as despite being apparently at Level 10 I am still at a very early stage in the tree. The points are mostly coming from an awful lot of practice and reinforcement.

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