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I have not been able to find an answer (so far). My friend is taking the Spanish (from English) course on her iPhone. However, she does not have (or doesn't know how to invoke) the various "accented" vowels and consonants (as in "Aqui" or "nina") on the simple keyboard for the app. So, once she gets to the higher levels in a section, and has to "Type what you hear" or "Type this in Spanish", the Program gives the "Red Box - Wrong!" result, and there is nothing she can do to correct it (even though she KNOWS the "n" in "Espagnol" needs a "~" over it, she can't type that, and eventually loses all her Health. [Me, I'm on a Windows laptop, and the Program gives ME little button choices to "fill in" the accented letters, upside-down ? and !, etc. Her iPhone does not].

Any workarounds available for this problem?


5 hours ago

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How to Get a Spanish Keyboard on an iPhone 7

5 hours ago

You can get the accented characters in iOS by holding down the letter in the keyboard briefly. A popup with several accented versions of the characters will appear. Slide your finger over and select the one you want.

This also works for example with ! and ?, to get the Spanish version for starting exclamations and questions.

Note that even if you get the Spanish keyboard for iPhone (which gives ñ its own key), you’ll still need the press/pause/select method to get accented vowels.

4 hours ago
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