Duolingo should have a "Vacation Mode" Button

Whoever knows what it's like to lose a streak will probably get why I wanted to suggest this.

So I have a camping trip coming up in April, and by that time I will probably have a pretty big streak. I know that I will have ZERO Wifi, so I just want to suggest that Duolingo should have a "Vacation Mode" button.

Like, if you click it you can't do any practices or lessons until you unclick it, but it will save your streak until then. So, your streak will stay the same, and your Xp too.

I wanted to suggest this because I don't think its very fair to lose your hard earned streak just because of a lack of Wifi. Upvote or comment if you agree. ^U^ Thanks!

Note: I didn't know which topic to put this in so I just put it in troubleshooting.

2 minutes ago

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I agree with this because I always have that problem, but then people might use the button even if they aren't going on vacation.

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