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Assigning lessons for schools

I assigned 4 lesson topics for my students to help them review. I can see that it shows they have completed it, turned it in late or missed it.

A. if they turned it in late does that mean it was fully completed just late?

B. when I go back and check to see who has completed it or not, it shows me for some kids that they have 6 lessons done within the topic (let's say intro) and for some it says 1 lesson completed. Why aren't they all the same amount? I'm getting a lot of flack because some kids say they have done the work but all I have to go by is the three choices, completed, late or missed.

January 11, 2019

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A: Yes, that's what late means - it's been done, but it was late.

B: It is as it says - if it says they've done 6 lessons, they've done 6 lessons. If it says they've done 1, they've done 1.

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