"The wise men are praising the Unsullied."

Translation:Sylvī vali Dovaogēdī rijis.

January 11, 2019



I don't get when Dovaogēdi is used and when to use Dovaogēdy.

January 11, 2019


"Dovaogēdy" is the nominative singular, "Dovaogēdi" is the nominative plural and the accusative singular. "Dovaogēdī" (accusative plural) is used here because "the Unsullied" are the direct object of the sentence. Although since the English sentence is ambiguous as to whether there is one or more Unsullied, "Dovaogēdi" should theoretically be correct too.

January 11, 2019


Evidently Duolingo DOES care about capitalization when filling in the blank, as opposed to all other question types. Good to know.

May 7, 2019
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