3e verbe ~ir that follow the standard ~er rules

To return to the 3rd verb group - 3e groupe

To refresh on the standard ~er rules that these verbs follow, here is the pattern:

je ~e
tu ~es ( note - this final 's' is silent )
il / elle / on ~e
nous ~ons ( note the final 's' is silent )
vous ~ez
ils / elles ~ent (remembering the " ~ent" is silent)

And here are the verbs I have found to date that follow that pattern, of a 3e pattern, that follow the ~er verb pattern

Eight that end in ~vrir:
couvrir : to cover
découvrir ; to discover
ouvrir ; to open
rouvrir ; to reopen
recouvrir | redécouvrir | rentrouvrir

Two that end in ~frir:
offrir ; to offer
souffrir ; to suffer

Three that end in ~eillir:
accueiller ; to welcome
cueillir ; to gather

(yet strangely appauvrir ; enorgueillir ; vieillir all follow the standared 2e groupe des verbes. It must be - as the french say - because they come from history.)

May 17, 2014


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