"We order drinks right away."

Translation:Kami langsung pesan minuman.

January 11, 2019

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Right away = segera
We order drinks right away = Kami memesan minuman segera.

Could segera also be accepted?


I believe you are correct and that Duolingo is inconsistent in the way it forces “langsung” as the translation of “right away” in some sentences and yet happily allows “segera” in others.


Langsung seems to jump around sentences. Any rules of thumb for this word?


Word order is confusing in this one - is adverb/verb / noun always the rule?

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    maybe the wordorder in sentences can be explained? thanks


    I wish they would...I'm getting really confused!


    What is the difference between "langsung" (right away) and "segera" (immediately)?


    "segera" usually means "soon," and "langsung" can mean both "right away" and "immediately."


    Are you sure? You worry me by saying “usually” when my dictionaries each say segera can be translated as “immediately”:

    adverb: immediately, soon, quickly, shortly, right away, instantly, right, at once, readily, quick, instant, forthwith, straightway, directly, right off, right now, presently, anon, pronto, straight off, headlong, incontinently, by and by, at one gulp, on the line, erelong, in a trice, in short order

    immediately, soon, immediate, quickly, shortly

    I was confusingly marked:

    1. Wrong (told to use langsung) for “segera pergi” as a translation of “go right away”,

    2. Right for “segera pulang” translating “return home right away”.

    I reported it.


    That's fair. I'm sure there's overlap between the two words. I will say that the contexts in which I've heard "segera" used tend to convey less immediacy than those in which I've heard "langsung" used. E.G. "Segera dibuka"-"opening soon" "Pas azan mereka langsung bangun"-"at the call to prayer they immediately wake up"


    I understand that most often the adverb regarding time is in the beginning of the sentence, but is there a rule on whether it comes before or after the noun?

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