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Are elementary aged children too young to use duolingo?

I was wondering about the possibility of using duolingo with elementary aged home schooled kids.

January 11, 2019



Great question! Duolingo is a great resource for language learners of any age. I recommend that you use Duolingo For Schools (via this link: https://schools.duolingo.com/) where you can create a classroom for your kids and through that, manage privacy settings for them to disable any 'mature' words like beer or wine.

Another benefit to using a teaching account for your kids is to be able to assign HW and tasks for them that you can monitor and track.


When you learn Italian, you have to type/write in English or tap the word banks in English.

Sometimes you have to write in Italian (not on a high ratio).

Duolingo's focus is reading in the target language and writing in the native language.

If the child can not read or write well, it will give them a hard time.

I heard that some courses are especially very picky with the English translations / how you say some things and which answers are accepted; English speakers on a higher level even have sometimes problems with that.

I do not think that very young kids bring very much patience with them ;)

Visual learning and animations with dedicated kid learning programs might fit them better.

But maybe they like the tapping mobile app with the new UI design? ;)

You have to try it out for 1-4 weeks and see if it is a success or fail.

AFAIK are the Duolingo mobile apps not READY for the classroom http://schools.duolingo.com environment.


I use it for classrooms 3rd grade and up. The "disable certain words" feature is a joke. It doesn't work. I can't imagine why this particular "feature" is so hard to get right. Otherwise it's great.


Perfect for elementary. It will help with both their first language (I'm assuming English) and the target language. I teach elementary, and my students have always enjoyed it.

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