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"De kat loopt over mijn shirt."

Vertaling:The cat walks over my shirt.

May 17, 2014

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Waarom niet: the cat is walking...? Ik dacht dat dit geldt als het op dit moment plaatsvindt...


Dan is de situatie in een andere tijd gezet.


"The cat runs allover my shirt" is a good answer, I think, even better


I like the image, but it might not make for a suitable substitute here. The English sentences cannot be altered that easily as they are part of the material that people need to learn.

A second issue might be that "lopen" usually doesn't have the meaning of "to run" in the Netherlands. The cat could merely be taking a stroll rather than running around frantically.


Hoe zeg je dan; de kat loopt op mijn shirt?


The cat walks on my shirt

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