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  5. "Elles lisent nos lettres."

"Elles lisent nos lettres."

Translation:They are reading our letters.

April 6, 2013



is there a difference in pronounciation between "Elles lisent" and "elle lis"?


Yes there is.

The "s" in "lisent" is pronounced as a "z" sound, unlike in "lis" where it's not pronounced at all.


And how is elles different from ils?


Elles is feminine plural and ils is masculine plural


Couldn't "Elles lisent nos lettre" sound the same way? I also reported this, but in case I don't hear back, I want to see what people think.


"Elles lisent nos lettre" is not correct.

If you want to use the singular for "lettre" then you also have to change the possessive pronoun : "Elles lisent notre lettre."

And there is a sound difference between this sentence and the one in the exercise. The difference lies between "nos" and "notre".

You can use this link to get used to the difference :



Duh, notre lettre, of course. Thanks for the clarification. Now I feel bad that I submitted this and wasted their time.

I should've realized when I wrote it out, but picking it up from hearing it is the hardest exercise, of courcse.


I still don't understand when I use "notre" and when I use "nos". Can you explain me?


Notre is used with a singular item, and nos with more than one. In this case 'nos lettres' means 'our letters' (plural). However, 'Elles lisent notre lettre' would be 'They read our letter' (singular).


How does that affect whether it's she or them?


Why not "They read our letter. Instead of letters it sounds the same.


It's because if it was, 'They read our letter' it would be, 'Elles lisent notre lettre' notre is for singular nouns and nos is for plural.


Our letter = notre lettre. Our letters = nos lettres. They do not sound the same.


how to tell between "lettres" and "lettre"???


They both are pronounced like "letr"


You can look at the preposition, pronoun or article before the noun. It'll help you


You have to see if the previous is either singular our plural. Elles lisent NOS lettres : plural because of the nos. Elles lisent notre lettre : singulier because of Notre


How to listen to slow pronunciation? I see people mention it but i cannot find.


There should be two blue buttons to listen to the pronunciation, a big one for the normal pace and a small one for the slow pace. Also, the hotkey for slow replay should be ctrl + maj + space.


Is this sentence the same in present tense : "they are reading out letters" and past tense :"they have read our letters"?


"They have read our letters." = "Ils/elles ont lu nos lettres."

"They are reading our letters." = "Ils/elles lisent nos lettres."


On both the fast and slow speeds, the speaker's "nos" sounds more like "nous" than "nos."


I hear nos not nous. It may be just a question of long, slow and laborious acclimatisation. People have the same problem with English. Different regions, different pronunciations. For example, in southern England, among speakers of Received Pronunciation, the words are, our and aah sound identical. I bet they are all quite distinct in American English. They aah reading aah letters.


Except that "nous lettres" doesn't make any sense. So you have to think "what is that sound again?" And what can it mean? If it doesn't make sense, stop and listen again.


I can't differentiate "elle" and "elles" with poor audio


When listening to this not one word sounds plural to give you a clue. Surely there should be some difference or otherwise it is just a big guessing game!!

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