I check my mailbox for Duomail regularly. Anything from Duolingo. So, recently I got some letters that said Duolingo Feedback.

Here are excerpts of the letters.

You suggested “He won my love” as a translation for “Él obtuvo mi amor.” We now accept this translation. :)

  • Luisito from Duolingo

You suggested “The lawyer has demonstrated the opposite.” as a translation for “El abogado ha demostrado lo contrario.” We now accept this translation. :)

You suggested “I am not going to stop you.” as a translation for “No te lo voy a impedir.” We now accept this translation. :)

You suggested “The women can begin” as a translation for “Las mujeres pueden iniciar.” We now accept this translation. :)

Just to be clear, these are all things I submitted through the form at the bottom of each lesson page. I just wanted to share this because I have heard so many people say, "There's not point in submitting feedback." or "Duolingo doesn't listen feedback."

Thank you Duolingo for taking our feedback into consideration and making a great site!

April 6, 2013


Thanks for this comment. We do have a team looking through thousands of feedback comments on sentences. They are all experts in the languages they speak. You'll get an email on sentence feedback if we accept the edit you made. We also read and respond to support, so please let us know your thoughts, issues, or ideas. We do care :)

April 16, 2013

Thank you guys for taking the time to look through our suggestions! A lot of the suggestions I have submitted have been accepted, even a sentence I wasn't too sure about. It does happen, it just needs patience and acceptance that that is the only correct answer for now.

April 18, 2013
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