"Banyak orang memberi selamat kepada kami saat kami menikah."

Translation:Many people congratulated us when we got married.

January 11, 2019

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How do you say "wedding" in Indonesian? For example, "Many people attended our wedding ceremony".


Wedding is "pernikahan" or informally, "kawinan" or "kondangan". "Many people attended our wedding ceremony" can be translated to "Banyak orang datang ke pernikahan kami"


Pernikahan, banyak orang hadir di acara pernikahan kita

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In English tenses have to agree, since the most important word here is "married", which is in the past tense, the entire sentence needs to be in the past tense to agree with it, hence this should be "Many people congratulated us when we were married".


I agree. I think it should be "Many people congratulated us when we got married". Being married is a long process, getting married is the ceremony.


Not "... when we were married." As Sjlver says, being married can last a long time. "... when we got married." is the correct English.


"... when we were married" is perfectly acceptable. "I remember the day we were married ...", doesn't imply that the marriage only lasted for one day! (native English speaker).


Were married same as got married both past tense.

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