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Today is a good day to hear Klingon!

The process of adding audio to the Duolingo Klingon course has begun! There are still bugs in the system and it is going to take us a long time to get audio added to many of the sentences. In particular, be aware that the system is usually not playing the correct Q sound and in many instances plays the q sound or no sound on tiles and hints with Q. Other than that specific problem, please feel free to report if you find any missing audio or if any of the audio has distortions or is not clear. If you submit a bad audio report (using the flag button), please ALSO go to the sentence discussion (using the speech balloon button) and explain if it was the female or the mail audio, if it was the full sentence or the single word audio, and what exactly the problem was. Thanks!

January 11, 2019



bIval. jIsupbe' 'ej jIQupbe'. Qapla'!
(placeholder for more meaningful statement when I get back to learning more tlhIngan)


So glad we've got audio now! :-)


Awesome. Now record sentences at a normal speaking rate, please. Compare with other courses with audio, and compare with Okrand's own recordings. Not fast like you're a native, but not super slow, either.


Other courses often give you the option to also play a slower version, but I don't think we're going to get that option. So I figured I would go nice and slow and clear, especially in the early lessons. In the Hawaiian course I think one of the speakers is too fast and I appreciate the slower speakers a lot more. But maybe I'll speed up as I go along to challenge the users more as they progress.


So far, the only courses with options for slow speech are the ones that use a TTS. I really like the idea of the speed increasing as the course progresses, for what it's worth.


I tend to think that Klingon is spoken naturally slower than English. There are Klingon speakers who rattle off Klingon without the slightest gap between words, let alone coming up for air. It sounds very odd to me. I think Klingon speech should be more... I can't think of the word... st-something... precise and cut-off rather than flowing.

If spoken crisply and pronounced at normal speed, not quick English-conversation speed, listeners should have the least trouble. Think of Kruge's speech in Star Trek III or Okrand's speech in the language tapes. Not run together but not so laboriously slow that you can't get a real feel for how the language sounds. A course listener can replay sentences as often as they like.


Staccato, yes. jIQochbe'. Continue to hold us to account.

There's one episode of Discovery where the director didn't like the staccato sound of Klingon and tried to get the actors to pronounce it without the glottal stops. The director thought it should sound more flowing, like French or Italian. Fortunately the actors and the vocal coach all had my back.


I also am aware that people are going to be asked to type out what I've said, with no context, tough in any language.


This is fantastic! Thank you so much!

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