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  5. "We are eating the bread."

"We are eating the bread."

Translation:Wir essen das Brot.

April 6, 2013



why not Wir essen DEN Brot?


Because bread is neutral in german


Why "Wir trinken Wasser" is OK but "Wir essen Brot" is not OK in this unit?


"Wir essen Brot" means "We eat bread". "Wir essen das Brot" means "We eat the bread"


It depends on the sentence we are translating isn't


This translation is not correct. We are eating expresses an action which is performed in the same moment the people is talking, therefore wir essen Brot is not correct because it expresses a general idea. The right thing would be Wir essen gerade Brot.


Hmm, maybe you should report this


It is a perfectly fine sentence. German is my mother tounge by the way.


i really dont know when i must use die den der please help me


Die is "the" for femenine nouns, das is "the" for nueter nouns, der is "the" for masculine nouns. Den is the same of der, but it is used when it's noun is receiving the action, which is usually after the verb. If you click on "Tips and Notes" at the the top of the screen it will go into a bit more detail on den and der.


Whyyyy are apples masculine. Frankly, why do any nouns have masculine/feminine pronouns?


That is an aspect of MANY languages, especially in europe. It is, just like cases, part of the Indo-European-heritage, that just faded from the English language during it's evolution.


Why not den Brot? bread is neutral or feminine in german?


Because Bread is neutral in German. If it's feminine it would have been Die Brot instead of Das Brot. And as for this case, even if the bread is acted upon, the article is Das (neutral) and the accusative form of this is stil Das. Only Der (masculine) becomes Den in this form.


Thank you, I've been wondering about Den and Der during the lessons. As good as duolingo has been so far, that went over my head.


Does anybody know about the rule of making verbs for singular and plural subjects?


we = wir essen = are eating das brot = the bread


Wir trinken wasser - Wir esse das Brot. I do not understand this. Water is also ''das''

[deactivated user]

    You could also say "wir trinken das Wasser" -- it's the difference between "we drink water" and "we drink THE water".


    You can t say wir esse, only wir essen. You can say Ich esse. You mix the conjugations I think


    How would you know when to put das Brot? why not Den Brot?


    "den" is used only with masculine nouns some time to replace der like when you say "Der Junge isst den Apfel" means (the boy eats the apple) but "brot" means (bread) is neuter therefore we use "das" with it because we always use "das" with neuter nouns as long as they are in the singular form, you should read the tips they give you under the lessons they will help understand it better you can find a better answer ther: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Basics-2


    What is the difference between Du and Ihr?


    "Du" Is referring to you as an individual, i.e. "How are YOU doing today Mr. Smith?". "Ihr" Is referring to a group of people, i.e. "YOU people are driving me crazy!" .


    Are there rules for what is masculine / feminine / neuter? That is what always gets me. Or is it just a matter of memorizing which things are which?


    Yes there actually are, you can view them in the "tips and notes" section in the first skill "basics 1" under the lessons. I advise you to read them they will really help you https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Basics-1


    So if "Wir essen das brot" is "we are eating the bread," how would you say "we eat the bread" So far from using duolingo I have not yet figured out how to say the difference between "we -verb-" and "we are -verb-ing." To me it just seems that sometimes the translation shows as the former, and sometimes the latter. Help with this please?


    Can anyone explain when you need an article and when you don't? I keep adding das/der/die in the wrong places.


    I said essen and it told me to say esse. So then I said esse and it told me to say essen!!


    Why isn't "Wir essen die Brote" a valid answer?


    That would be "the loaves of bread" or perhaps "the sandwiches".


    Okay where do we use den? I thought der is male, das is neuter and die is female/plural? What is den?


    Why not " wir sind essen das Brot"


    Isn't "das" mean "that" ? Why is it "das Brot" in "the bread" ?


    Isn't "das" mean "that" ?

    der, die, das all mean both "the" and "that".

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