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  5. "Somebody died."

"Somebody died."

Translation:Ada orang meninggal.

January 12, 2019



Can someone help me to understand why "Orang meninggal' is marked incorrect? In many sentences there is no 'Ada' at the start..any help appreciated


'Ada'refers to there is... May be for sentence formation it is used?


thanks.. sounds reasonable


could you say "ada yang meninggal" and still be correct that someone or something died?


Looks like the answer is yes. 215,000 google results for "ada orang meninggal" vs. 3.3 million for "ada yang meninggal"


That sounds good to me, but I am not a native speaker, as the use of seorang seems to me to perhaps imply politeness. Happy to be corrected!


I got "seseorang" in a multiple choice question. "Seorang" means one person, but I hadn't seen "seseorang" before


seseorang 1 this, a (known to the speaker but not to the hearer). ~ dokter a/ this doctor. 2 a certain individual/person. ~ yang bernama Jakson a certain Mr. Jackson. 3 individual, personal. berseorang(an) (all) alone, (all) by o.s. Dia suka duduk ~ di dalam kamarnya. He likes to sit all alone in his room. keseorangan solitary, lonely. Sumitro merasa ~ karena teman karibnya baru-baru ini tutup usia. Sumitro felt lonely because his close friend passed away recently. perseorangan 1 individual. 2 individualism.


Hopefully, this clarifies it for you & with comparisons.


Not sure why seorang is marked as wrong here

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