"Kāwele kāua i nā pā."

Translation:We towel off the dishes.

January 12, 2019

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I know of no native English speaker who would spontaneously say, "We towel off the dishes." An appropriate translation would be "We dry the dishes," but there are circumstances in which almost any of the following comments would also be appropriate. This phrase must have been machine translated!


You and I wipe the dishes should also be correct.


Have never, ever heard "towel off" to mean "to dry". Utterly confusing.


Because I've seen DL use "wipe" in this context, I used "We wipe the dishes" and got a qualified okay. But I agree that "towel off" is not a phrase I have actually used anywhere (yes, that was the suggested alternative). And "dry the dishes" is the phrase I've heard all my very long life. Seems to me "wipe" is the most appropriate compromise.


This is tricky. Because not many born and raised in hawaii would say, " we towel of the dishes".. but instead would say, "we wiped the dishes" or "we cleaned the dishes"...


Towel isnt a verb I thought...


LOL...I once heard a Micronesian say, "I will broom the floor" instead of saying " I will sweep the floor"


"We towel off the dishes"? that's.. odd


We dry the dishes. We get corrected for writing it wrong in Hawaiian but who ever translates this into english must not be a english speaker


I know this is not a particularly useful comment, but I hope whoever 'cobbles' together these answers reads it. In a previous example, E kāwele i ka/ke pākaukau =Wipe the table. But now Kāwele kāua i nā pā. =We towel off the dishes, and We wipe the dishes is wrong. Comments about this were first posted 3 YEARS ago, yet no one has fixed it.


We towel off the plates is correct


Yes, but that's NOT a useful translation since (not only) I have never heard anyone actually use it. This program is SUPPOSED to be teaching us Hawaiian - NOT English. And definitely not archaic English! Really, who says "towel off," ever?


Unless, when 'plate' is pluralized it becomes 'dishes'


Only for DuoLingo!


So "let's (you and I)..." would need to be "e kawele..."?


we two is a perfect translation of this and should have been accepted

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