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  5. "Broil the chicken."

"Broil the chicken."

Translation:E kōʻala i ka moa.

January 12, 2019



Shouldnt "pūlehu" be accepted as well?


According a dictionary I use: pūlehu refers to broiling stuff like sweet potatoes, breadfruit or bananas placed on hot embers; whilst kōʻala means: to broil or barbecue stuff like meat, fowl and fish. Kena and māʻona are two other words people may accidentally use in the wrong sentence. http://ulukau.org/elib/collect/ped/index/assoc/D0.dir/book.pdf


Duo lists pūlehu as "broil" as a hint when you click on it. Either that needs to be changed in Duo or it needs to be accepted as an answer.


Duo now takes: E pūlehu i ka moa.


I used pulehu - with the macron - and told that I used the wrong word. This is an error ... the New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary, among others, translates "broil" as pulehu. The previous commentator is correct and this should be fixed by Duolingo.


Previously it was said that E is used when it is a suggestion. This sounds more like a command. Why is it wrong to not use E here?


E is used not only for a suggestion but also for a command or request. “E hoʻomaʻemaʻe i kou lumi moe, e Keola” from a parent is more than just a suggestion for Keola to clean his room.

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