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"It is time to finish with this."

Translation:Es hora de acabar con esto.

April 6, 2013



Does anybody know why it's just "hora" and not "la hora"? This is confusing.


It may be simply a matter of conventionality. The English language is full of such conventions that totally confuse those learning the language but are not even thought about by native speakers.


I think you are right Fluent. It's sound incredibly strange to use "Es hora" or "Es momento," but I imagine the students of English would be thrown by our use of "time" as well.

"It's high time" or "Time to die" would probably make no sense, and just like everything else of this type it would have to be memorized and logged away.


"Es hora" is an expression.

A good answer here: http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/118988/es-hora-vs-es-la-hora-vs-es-tiempo

Es hora de irnos.= It's about time we left/ it's time to leave.

Es la hora...vámonos. = The time has come for us to leave. /It's the time...let's leave.

Es tiempo de irnos. = Incorrect.

Es hora de...= There's an urgency to do it.

¡Ya era hora! = It was/is about time!


If "la hora" was used the sentence would read, "It is the time to finish with this."


You are right. Thanks. It appeared again and this time I got it right!


Why not "Es hora de terminar con esto?"


My ""Es hora terminar esto" was wrong because a "de" was needed between hora and terminar. Why the de as opposed to nothing? And, secondly, why de as opposed to a? Thanks if someone can help me understand this better.


My non-native understanding is that 'a' means 'to' as in one thing TO another (I'm going TO the market) and not 'to' in the sense of "in order to" or similar conventions. Here, you can think of it as "It is the time of finishing this".


Thanks. That helps.


Man, I curse and swear a lot when I'm working on this.


Es tiempo de accepted too. Is this right?

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