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"Ele tem uma camisa mas ela não é vermelha."

Translation:He has a shirt but it is not red.

April 6, 2013



It said ELA não é vermelha because "ela" can mean "it". This also done in french, il and elle (he/she) can also mean "it" depending on the sex of the object and ect.


Is the DuoLingo TTS engine broken?

In slow speaking turtle mode (listening exercise), "mas" is pronounced as "mais".

However in normal speed (listening exercise) or when you click the blue speaker icon in the sentence discussion, "mas" is actually pronounced as "mas".


Single word: Pronounced as "mas", not "mais".


Actually, when native speakers say this word, they always pronounce it like /mais/, whether fast or slow =)


Why is "He has a shirt that is not red" considered wrong?


A palavra "que" não igual à palavra "mas". Em inglês, "but" don't equal "that", bro.

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