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  5. "घर के बाहर एक चूहा है।"

"घर के बाहर एक चूहा है।"

Translation:There is a rat outside the house.

January 12, 2019



Should also accept "There is a rat outside of the house."


"Outside the house is a rat" is not wrong though it may sound a little less common


I think I agree. I have been having trouble with understanding word ordering. Is the house the subject? If so "Outside the house is a rat" is more correct. If "घर के बाहर एक" are all just modifying the subject चूहा that is something that needs to be stated.


The subject is still चूहा.

The usual SOV sentence 'एक चूहा घर के बाहर है' would mean 'A rat is outside the house'.
When you want to decrease the emphasis from the subject, English uses the expletive construction 'There is'. In Hindi we accomplish the same by switching the word order. So, घर के बाहर एक चूहा है' would mean 'There is a rat outside the house'.


Thank you! I was wondering why the order is different since the subject is rat. After 1.5 years of practice, the sentence order was finally natural to me, but then there is this sentence.


Rat = don't know if Duo Lingo will ALWAYS accept MOUSE /RAT interchangeably...


chuha is also mouse, no?


Yes. Hindi doesn't differentiate between rats and mice.


It should accept outside the house there is a mouse


Why is it worded like this. Why doesnt the rat go first


Because "घर के बाहर एक चुहाँ है" is used when you are telling someone that there is a rat outside the house and you will use "चुहाँ घरके बाहर है" in a situation where you are answering someone's question, like "where is the rat ?" Means that sentence can only use for informing or answering someone


"There is a rat in front of the home" it should be accepted right?!


That would be घर के सामने एक चूहा है।
बाहर is 'outside'.

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