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  5. "Do you know English?"

"Do you know English?"

Translation:क्या आपको अँग्रेज़ी आती है?

January 12, 2019



Hi. Why is it आपको here ? I dont understand why it has to be obliq.

[deactivated user]

    My understanding is Oblique + आना means to know something. It is like "to you Hindi comes" Note that the subject in this case is हिंदी which is why it is conjugated as आती है (instead of आती हैं / आते हैं if आप where the subject).


    I guess a more litteral translation of this structure is: "Is English known by you ?" I saw in other exercises the same structure for the affirmative sentence "I know English"


    is it a passive form...?


    I want to know that why is it "आती है" and not आता है? Could anyone tell me?

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