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"The children eat the good strawberries."

Translation:Les enfants mangent les bonnes fraises.

April 6, 2013



Why is "fraises bonnes" at the end of the sentence unacceptable? i want my mofn heart back!


Certain adjectives go BEFORE the noun modified, but most go AFTER. The adjectives that go before typically fall into four distinct categories: Beauty, Age, Goodness, and Size. They can be remembered as the B.A.G.S. adjectives. The word "bon" or "bonne" fits under the Goodness category, obviously, meaning it goes before the noun. Some other examples follow. Beauty: belle, beau Age: vieux, jeune Goodness: bon, mauvais Size: grand, petit


Tnx for help snuffles, this make my life easy


This link might help you understand why you lost a heart :



Why is this one "les" bonnes fraises rather than "le" when it's apparently always supposed to be "de" bonnes fraises rather than "des"?!


"les" is the definite article for plural nouns. Here "fraises" is plural.

What you're referring to concerning the "de" and "des", is something else.

For indefinite articles :

  • masculine singular : "du" (du pain)
  • feminine singular : "de la" (de la confiture)
  • singular for nouns starting with a vowel or a mute "h" : "de l' " (de l'huile, de l'humour, de l'eau, de l'amoniac)
  • plural : "des" (des fraises)

BUT, there are cases when we use "de" instead of indefinite articles, have a look at this link, it explains most of these cases :



It's telling me both "les bons fraises" and "les bonnes fraises" are acceptable. How is that? Aren't strawberries either masculine or feminine?


"fraise" is a feminine noun. Therefore, "les bons fraises" is incorrect French.

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