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  5. "तुम्हें गरम पानी चाहिए।"

"तुम्हें गरम पानी चाहिए।"

Translation:You want hot water.

January 13, 2019



Whats the difference between thuje and tumhe


तुझे is a form of तू while तुम्हे is a form of तुम. So, तुम्हे is more formal and तुझे is only used among close friends or family and may be seen as rude otherwise. If you want to be even more formal than तुम्हे, you can use आपको which is a form of आप.


Both are same actually, but it doesn't accept it.


is there a convention for when you can drop the copula? I can't seem to get down any exact pattern in when a sentence here has or doesn't hv it - is it a discretion of speaker sort of thing?


है is dropped with चाहिए in the present tense. This is probably because चाहिए sounds similar to the imperative forms of other verbs for which the copula is not used (I'm guessing here). That said, the past and future tense copulae था and होगा are used with चाहिए.

You can also drop the copula in present tense negative sentences with at least one other verb. This is a matter of preference though and many people don't drop it.


It is showing correct answer but my life line gone


Porper Nouns Countable Uncountable water Uncount 5 Cats Countable

Common We can not count rice wood of table water oil milk suger wheat wood ink and paper

Singular (s) Plural (es)


What is the question


Could this not be d o you want hot water?


To make a statement into a question, add a क्या at the beginning. क्या तुम्हें गरम पानी चाहिए? means 'Do you want hot water?


What is the difference between चाहिए and चहाती


When used with nouns (like पानी in this sentence), both चाहिए and the other forms of चाहना (like चाहती) mean 'want'. But चाहिए conveys a stronger desire (verging on need) or a more immediate desire.
So, नेहा पानी चाहती हूँ can mean that Neha wants water sometime in the future whereas नेहा को पानी चाहिए means that she wants water right now.

When used with verbs, other forms of चाहना still mean 'want' but चाहिए means 'should'/'need to'.
Eg: नेहा पानी पीना चाहती है - Neha wants to drink water
नेहा को पानी पीना चाहिए - Neha should drink water

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