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Duolingo still needs tips and notes on the mobile version!

Many people use duolingo on their phones and don't know that there is a tips and notes section on grammar to help you with learning your language. The last post I saw on this topic was mentioned 3 years ago by munderlohsean and I havent heard about it since. Adding this feature to duolingo would improve the way people learn the language on the go. -Based on Munderlohsean's post

January 13, 2019



They seem to slowly be rolling it out. I recently got tips and notes for French on the iOS app, but I don't have them for any other languages.


I found that I had tips and notes for the English to Spanish course on the iOS app as well.


I completely agree with this. The discussions are the best way to learn why something was wrong. Unfortunately this is completely lost to the app. I would much rather have this feature than clubs in the app.


Unfortunately this is completely lost to the app. I would much rather have this feature than clubs in the app.

Besides Tips and Notes, a lot of features that we have on the desktop or mobile version are completely missing on both apps. I joined six clubs on the app and long after I joined no one posts anything on those clubs anymore aside from some people doing challenges that pop up there. When I first joined Duo they let you choose which club to join but they completely took away that option and it forces you to join a random club. In other words Duo removes features from the apps update after update.

Only Spanish, French, and Chinese have Tips and Notes on the apps but these completely replaced the ones that were written for desktop/mobile so both desktop/mobile and apps use the mobile Tips and Notes. The old Tips and Notes had more detail and were longer, but the new ones added audio and is shorter. They aren't making much progress making Tips and Notes for apps for the other languages at present.

[deactivated user]

    Yes! I thought it was just an issue with accessibility for blind people, but that would make things so much easier! The weird thing is, I can access the tips and notes on Spanish but not any other courses.


    The updated Spanish tree (113 skills, 520 lessons) has "mobile grammar notes".

    Staff French tree 8+12 updates (A/B tested) also contain mobile app tips.

    Staff started to port the Spanish "mobile grammar notes" to the web portal in a new layout, as T&N in the html web format was not there before either (only 9 in the new tree).

    I heard that ~22 skills for Spanish have been ported from the app to the web; I have not followed any Spanish thread or read an official announcement how many of the 113 skills are completed (probably more than only 22 now).


    French tree 2 + 3 T&N are not available on the app.

    You are on the old / stable French tree2: https://www.duome.eu/AaronH295


    [deactivated user]

      did you count all those/



      The T&N, yes.

      The skills/lessons: No, not directly.

      The Duolingo "Advanced user profile" data, Tampermonkey old (Python) user scripts like "course progress" (RIP) or www.duome.eu/USERNAME/progress or www.duome.eu/tips helped pretty much to bring up those numbers.


      Last Spanish tree update increased from 204/229 skills to 243 skills.


      Are you using an iPhone? On my Android phone and tablet, I have Tips & Notes available for courses that have them. They are accessed by touching the light bulb icon for the skills with available Tips.

      [deactivated user]

        And, to add, I can think of several things that I would not be having to ask German speakers about, had there been the Tips and Notes section.


        I do want to voice my agreement that the app and duolingo as a whole would benefit from casually adding notes to incorrect answers rather than just saying the correct words. They do this already by randomly tossing a soft question that points out the common error once in a while, but its kinda generic.

        i'd have enjoyed seeing a specific reminder tip in the answer popup for the exact incorrect word besides just an underline of the correct word.

        In particular example, "come" "como" "comes"; "bebe", "bebo", "beben" words that change slightly based on whether an adjective or a male/female, or perhaps as a pronoun, would be an excellent reminder when hit incorrectly. I do recall they're "eat" and "drink" immediately, but not the correct word for the correct context. In ways, they do this already by letting me click on the word and it'd say the correct; perhaps i'm overthinking it.

        Alternative idea; perhaps a section in labs where you read through a textbook would be helpful in it's own way with a short quiz after each chapter.


        Duolingo has alot of potential for users to learn new languages. There is also alot of things Duolingo cloud add to the shop to make Duolingo more interesting for there users.

        Timed lessons/practices: Alot of people like a challenge when learning something new. I think that it would be great if they added timed lessons as well as practices to there shop.

        More ways to earn lingots: I always liked the double or nothing feature to the site. It gave motivation to users to get on every day so they could get ten lingots. It would be amazing if they could add daily bonuses. It would give two or three lingots you could earn by completing some sort of daily quest. For example: level up two categories today.

        3.Avatars and clothing: I always thought it would be great if you had a little green owl as an avatar. You would be able to get little accessories for it. It would be awesome if those "Duolingo Masters" actually had something to spend there lingots on.

        Animations/backgrounds: Duolingo should have a way to change backgrounds and add little animations around things like your notification bell or the discussion bar to show that there is inactivity in something you like or follow.

        More custom lessons: I decided to get the "How to flirt in German" Expansion pack from the Duolingo store. I was disappointed with the content in gave though. I was expecting something like pickup lines in that pack, but I got "I'm new hear, and you" I think that this pack was disappointing and should be worked on. Also add some more to get people more interested in learning there language.


        Quote: Timed lessons/practices: Alot of people like a challenge when learning something new. I think that it would be great if they added timed lessons as well as practices to there shop.

        This is already available on the www.duolingo.com web portal in the lingot store: https://www.duolingo.com/show_store


        After starting the 14th section in Norwegian, I saw a comment about the tips outside of the mobile version. It would have been helpful to know this before going through 13 mobile levels and struggling through Possessive Adjectives. Almost figuring that out without knowing structure, other than random comments (usually not on the exercise I had a question on) and a lot of retrying, was EXTREMELY frustrating. Sigh.


        People interested in this issue, you could be interested in this article:

        This process is still continuing.
        It is not as magical as
        Learn a language overnight.
        With the Duolingo Pillow, we guarantee language fluency by sunrise.

        http://pillow.duolingo.com/ .

        However one can always hope ;P


        If you access Duo via phone web browser you can access the tips. It’s not ideal but it can be helpful when on the go.


        Click or copy this link on your mobil phone for Tips and notes. You can select the language you learn. https://duome.eu/tips





        All of the Spanish tips are not available on the Duome tips page because the tree lacks html formatted T&N (only 9 are available in the new tree).
        Staff has not updated the html formatted notes but instead of invented a completely new tips design / format / layout (porting over their new mobile app notes).


        The French tree3 contains many html formatted T&N so they are available on Duome tips page.

        Be aware: They are outdated right now (last timestamp 2018-10-25).

        The French moderator Sitesurf is currently updating all T&N (from tree3) on the discussion forums, not the skill related "explanation" variables in the Incubator itself!


        Quote Sitesurf: Can we put this on hold for a while because the contributing team is currently working on improvements and corrections to the Tree3 TNs?

        Because of this Duome.eu can not access the NEW / UPDATED T&N from tree3 yet!!



        The tips, wordlists, etc are different from the discussion about a particular phrase or exercise - but still useful.

        I've found this link to be the most useful as it shows your progress, wordlists, etc all in one place (but not individual discussion points)



        With the new app, I seem to only be able to see my XP for each language, whereas I can see the level on the desktop version. It'd be useful to easily access both on both IMHO.

        [deactivated user]

          If you have a smartphone, then there will likely be an app on it that can access the internet. Just look up Duo on that browser, and then you can use the internet version on your smartphone.


          I absolutely agree !!!

          On the mobile version (I am using iPad and iPhone for the German tree) I really miss tips and most-importantly access to the relevant forum discussion. I tried using the Duolingo site in a Firefox browser (I tried with safari which seems to be a bit faster) but the experience was awful:

          • there was a huge delay in the voice

          • the page would load extremely slowly especially when coming back after I clicked the link to visit the forum posts for the current exercise

          • when coming back to the page, after visiting the forum , it would be always at the top of the tree so I would have to scroll down to find my current exercise

          • when the popup for the current level is shown then it would not hide if I tapped anywhere else on the screen except on another level, this would make moving to a following level difficult as the popup would be on top of them

          • in the browser when Duolingo reads aloud a sentence (in German) it would skip the last word, so I have to click the speaker icon to hear the sentence again

          • in the browser you cannot re-arrange the words if you have put them in an answer, you have to take some out and start over

          On the other hand if I use the desktop I sometimes not able to record my voice, as is required in some exercises (I am using Linux not Windows).

          So I am really struggling with this! It would be extremely helpful if at least access to the forum posts for the current exercise was provided in the app !!!



          Quote: On the other hand if I use the desktop I sometimes not able to record my voice, as is required in some exercises (I am using Linux not Windows).

          You need a browser supporting the "Web Speech API".

          Firefox does not seem to fully support it, so the microphone on/off option is not offered in the settings on your web browser on a computer/desktop or Laptop.

          "Google Chrome" fully supports this API and this is the case why V71.x worked for me on a Windows computer and I was offered Portuguese speaking exercises in the full desktop site mode (on a PC).

          My Laptop can't run the latest versions of Chrome, so I have to stick to an older version of Firefox and speaking exercises are disabled.

          The same is true with the latest Firefox Quantum V64.0 version on a different Windows computer; not fully compliant...maybe somewhere in the future....

          If you run into any "audio play" (not record) issues with Firefox be aware that the Quantum versions have changed the sandbox level.

          If you access the about:config page you may have to lower the sandbox level for 1-2 numbers, because here - on Windows - the higher levels block the sound drivers and I cannot hear any audio in the Firefox browser when I access www.duolingo.com exercises.

          The same might be happening to you on your Linux desktop system.


          @Thomas.Heiss very interesting, thank you for the information!


          I can read the some of the discussions on my iPhone, but I am unable to contribute to them. Does anyone know why is this?


          I hadn't realised that there was anything else on the mobile version. Are there any tips and notes for Japanese, please?

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