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You know what I feel?

I have just finished a whole checkpoint in German. The one where you pass a checkpoint and the second skill at the top right is numbers 1? I just got there and I have this feeling that I am really going to finish this language before the end of this year!! Everyone who is doing this language, I encourage you to keep going and try your hardest. Never give up. My parents promised me that if I finished the language completely, that I could go to that country! Maybe you can set up a deal with your parents as well. I encourage all of you to push harder, make your goal every day, and always tell yourself that you can do it!

Frances Vanderburg :)

January 13, 2019



yes, motivation that is the key to success. I recently started German so that me and my friends could talk about stuff with out everyone knowing what we said.
It is so much fun.

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My parents used Double-Dutch to talk in front of us kids. That is until they found out that we figured it out!


Haha, that's funny. My grandparents would speak German around us. Until we started picking little bits and pieces. Then they switched to Hungarian, which we never picked any bit and pieces of. :)


I already have motivation, but I don't want to talk about the people I LIKE


Ya, I am learning German too. I think that it is very fun!

Good luck! I am sure it will be cool going to Germany!


Awesome! I'd love to go stay in Germany for a little bit sometime in the future, so that's my main motivation. I haven't been on here in a few weeks but am aiming to use it daily going forward, even if only for a little bit each day on days where I'm busy. Keep up the great work :)

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