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Bug: progress bar moving back

Sometimes after I complete a lesson or a training session I see the golden progress bar moving slightly back. The points are awarded correctly.

This usually happens when the number of points is relatively small (e.g. 3 points for a not-so-good timed practice).

April 6, 2013



Which progress do you mean?


Hi Luis, I tried to record a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcTxOehshCQ. This bar shifted about one pixel to the left. Sometimes this shift is bigger.

To reproduce this, enter any timed practice, answer one question correctly and wait until time ends. You'll get 1 point and the progress indicator will move to the left. At least, it does with me, sometimes even with 10-13 skill points. Maybe that is because I'm level 18 and there are too many points for one point to count, but moving backwards seems funny :-)


Ok, yes :) This is probably a rounding error because you have so many points. We'll look into it.


In my case, progress bar just didn't move ahead even when I made two times an already cleared lesson. It suddenly appeared unclear and then I've made it over and over unsuccesfully. Discouraging.

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