"That is not your home."

Translation:वह तेरा घर नहीं है।

January 14, 2019

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Why would वह आपका घर नहीं हैं not work? It is simply more formal, correct? But it should still be accepted. I am picturing some poor old neighbor wandering into the wrong house and you are like "Sir! That is not your home! Your home is over here!" You would use आप in that situation, not तू.


It should be 'वह आपका घर नहीं है' not हैं because the verb conjugates with घर which is singular.


हैं literally indicating the plurality. हैं means " are". है means "is".


Question: That is not your home. My Ans: (वह तेरा घर नहीं है)

Can anyone tell me why my answer is incorrect and this one (वह घर तेरा नहीं है) is correct? I would like to know the difference. Thanks!


वह तेरा घर नहीं है = That is not your home. वह घर तेरा नहीं है = That home is not yours.


Both sound similar to me


But they did ask the meaning of 'That is not your home' and not 'That home is not yours


Absolutely; and both mean exactly the same thing. The difference is only in the sentence construction.


I don't agree. The first sentence means that there is another house which is yours but not this one. The second let to think that he was believing the house his , but not, bas.


Both should be correct. You can tag the question for it to be corrected.


Yes,I agree to that


Anyhow I'm completely confused about this topic


"that your home not is" man this word order is tricky


This is wrong. Both means same but Are shown wrong. Indians like me would understand. Hi blinks and army.


What is the difference between thera, thumhara and aapka?


I answered in the correct form above and had it marked wrong saying that घर and है were the wrong words. What does that mean?


What is wrong with? वह घर तेरा नहीं है।


It should वह आपका घर नही हे


That last हे should be है, with 2 little flags on top to mean is.
And the word before it (नही) should have an extra dot on top to create the nasal sound: नहीं.
The Duo owl seems to only allow one such subtle spelling mistake.


My answer was incorrect, because I did not put the hai. A native speacer told me that there is no need to be put hai in a negative sentence, witch nigation word is nahii. Please take care of this!


You can omit the ' है' in a negative sentence only if the sentence has another verb in it.
In this sentence, ' है' is the only verb which is why it cannot be omitted.


एक गलती Perfect नही ला पाती ।


Huh " वह तेरा घर नहीं है।" It can be also written as " वह घर तेर नहीं है।" Right ???

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