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'PRACTICE' feature not working

The 'PRACTICE' feature for my Hindi course is only giving me questions from the first skill (Letters 1) even though I have completed the whole tree.

I used to do French with duolingo and I remember this feature offering questions from different skills so I could improve my general French. I have completed a few of these 'PRACTICE' lessons to see if that would help at all but I continued to get the same basic questions about letters.

Please help if you know anything that might help it would be much appreciated!

p.s Will anything be added to the Hindi tree? I would love some new content to study! I understand that it takes a long time to make a course and I have nothing but gratitude to the contributors for making my dream of a Hindi course on duolingo come true!! It means the world to me. Thank you!

January 14, 2019



As far as I know, the Practice feature brings up the skills which are at the lowest 'strength' level. You can see the skills you've learnt and their respective strength levels on Duome - https://duome.eu/Greta178/progress after you have changed your 'learning language' on Duolingo to Hindi.


With this feature I found out which were my weakest lessons, and I practiced them. Yes, it were the letter lessons, and after practicing them I got them to 100%. Now it seems that I also get other lessons when I practice...

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