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Microphone feature - Hindi

I have noticed that my Hindi course doesn't have any questions which involve getting a phrase and speaking into the microphone to practice pronunciation. I was wondering if the Hindi course just doesn't have the microphone feature or if there was a problem with my account. Hope someone can help. Thank you!

January 14, 2019



I had noticed in mine too, it doesn't have any question which we have to speack. Maybe they are still working on it. I hope I could help you and make you know that it's not a problem with your account.


So this is a super janky way to practice speaking (and probably the worst solution that I have), but Google Translate actually has a feature that will record something you say and translate it. You could try putting it in Hindi to English and then saying a practice sentence to see if Google Translate understands your Hindi well enough to transliterate what you said correctly, translation quality aside.

For now, you're probably better off recording something, putting it online somewhere, and asking people on language/Hindi forums to help you out and give you feedback. :)


Hello, for me it's the same ! i don't have hindi course with micophone feature...

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